Won’t Believe What’s Inside Of This ABANDONED Mansion Hidden In The Woods

In the middle of the night in February of 1982, authorities in a remote area of Georgia received a distressing 911 call from a worried mother. Her son Thomas, who was 16 years old and sleeping in bed at the time of his murder, had just been viciously stabbed to death. Rachel, who was just 14 years old at the time of the murder, was nowhere to be located when Georgia dispatch arrived at the gruesome scene, where they discovered that the youngster had been murdered by his older sister.

Because of the screams coming from her brother as he was being stabbed to death, she became terrified, dropped the knife, and rushed out the back door into the woods. Later, we found out that she had not only intended to kill her brother on that night but also had intentions to kill both of her parents.

Rachel appeared to be a typical 14-year-old girl at first glance; she had respectable grades, she kept to herself most of the time, and she was shy; nonetheless, nothing about her seemed out of the ordinary when viewed from the outside. HOWEVER According to interviews with Rachel’s siblings, she had a lot of problems even when she was very young, she didn’t have many friends, and she spent the majority of her time by herself in her room.

But as she got older, Rachel became more and more reclusive, and around this time, she developed an interest in Satanic worship and started performing satanic rituals in her bedroom, which was just next to the room that her brother Thomas occupied. Her parents continue to hold the firm belief that Rachel’s involvement in satanic rituals was the sole cause of their daughter’s death.

Nevertheless, the twists and turns in this novel just keep coming… Have a look at this:

In subsequent interviews with two of Rachel’s siblings, they provided new information about this incident, which helps to construct a much clearer and more comprehensive picture of what may or may not have been going on within the family. They claim that beginning when Rachel was 7 years old, Thomas sexually abused both her and her younger sister, as well as molested both of them.

But that’s not the end of it

According to the accusations, Rachel’s FATHER had also been sexually abusing the two girls. Rachel may have been subjected to years of sexual, emotional, and physical torment that she had to endure before she finally snapped and devised a plan to murder her own brother and parents, but her father claims that the devil made her do it. Of course, her father refutes these claims and says that the devil made Rachel do it.

Rachel’s account of the events that occurred to her when she was a youngster, which she related throughout the very brief investigation and court hearing, was identical to what her two siblings said… Despite this, she was given a severe sentence of 28 years in a psychiatric institution in the state of Florida.

It would seem that following the murder, the family moved relatively far away from the small Georgia town and has never really looked back, which is perfectly understandable. The real sting, though, is that they left everything that was inside the home that was built in 1884, and they also did not sell it. Given what took place there, it’s not hard for me to see that it would be a difficult sale.

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