One of the Most Haunted Homes in Texas!

200-Year-Old House, Former Bordello, with Suicide, Death, and Murder Tales! Texas’s Gainesville, home to the historic Hill House Manor Hill mansion Manor seems to be a typical mansion from the outside, but as you go inside, you’ll be astonished by its size and the level of paranormal activity that exists there. THE LATEST EXPERIENCES The property has had many different caretakers throughout the years, and the most recent ones claimed to have woken up in the middle of the night to find a ghost standing at the foot of their bed.

They also claimed hearing voices without bodies in the same room and other locations on the house, as well as items disappearing that had just been placed in a specific location! They heard stories from their kids about the ghosts they had been friends with within the home; you could believe it was all in their heads because they were so young, but it seemed like the ghosts liked their baby.

One particular night, when their infant cried, unobserved hands started to swing the cot! SUBSEQUENT EVENTS Built in the early to mid-1800s, Hill House Manor. It has served as anything from a speakeasy and bordello to tiny dwellings. Small flats were first attempted to be rented out by the present owner, Linda Hill, but every tenant seemed to breach their contract within a short period of time. She immediately assumed there was a problem with the property and began renting it out to paranormal researchers for events of all kinds, including overnight investigations. Additionally, Linda was interviewed for a recent My Ghost Story on A&E show, where she discussed the Manor and her experiences living there.

Although it hasn’t been proven, there is a myth that a man was killed in one of the basement rooms known as “The Dead Area” for the peculiar reason that there is no power in that region of the property. This individual was murdered in a space within “The Dead Area” called “The Murder Room.” Again, there are rumors that during the town’s bordello era, two men got into a battle over a lady of the night, and one of them killed the other. A room in the upper section is referred to as “The Fireplace Room” for no other reason than the fact that it has a beautiful fireplace. The greatest investigators find that this is the area with the greatest activity.

During the days of the bordello, this was one of the chambers where men would be “served”. In this room, several investigators record “X-Rated EVPs.” Which, strangely, is a favorite area for most males since they use themselves as trigger objects, letting any female spirits contact them, in the hopes of “serving” them. The upper kitchen is across the hall. I was informed that a “Grumpy Old Man” who goes by the name “The Cowboy” hangs around here. The first time we conducted an investigation there, I had a relationship with him. There are rumors that he dislikes any lady that enters that region. In this region, many women have experienced attacks of some kind. Some people I’ve spoken about claim they were rubbed in this spot while others just became sick and had to leave that section of the home.

There is a chamber named “The Windows Room” that is located across a little corridor. Back-to-back windows along the whole length of the walls of this space. It’s a big space. Many visitors to this chamber had cat spirits visit them. However, many people report seeing this cat not only in one area of the home but throughout the whole building. This cat’s meows have been recorded by our crew on several occasions. Some of our users have even reported feeling what they described as a cat rubbing up against their legs. Remember the ghosts of youngsters that are said to prowl Hill House Manor’s corridors? A little girl and a boy called Charlie are the only kids we are aware of. The upstairs has a tiny space designated for the spirits of the kids.

A dollhouse is already set up, and a few additional toys may be used as triggers. There are allegedly at least two portals within the building. One is quite simple to identify. There is a distinct sensation if you walk a few steps away from it as opposed to being immediately “on top” of it. One is claimed to be above, in “The Fireplace Room,” in the closet, and one is in “The Dead Area.” Opinions on the portals vary depending on whom you question. Therefore, Hill House Manor is a location that all paranormal investigators ought to look into. Our staff never departs from there empty-handed. The home as a whole is a powerful EVP magnet.

Additionally, every room has a completely own atmosphere. Join Haunted Rooms America as we make an effort to get in touch with the ghosts who are eager to tell you their tale! You’ll discover the location’s history, discover the methods we use, acquire in-depth information about the spirits that reside here, and have an exciting investigation with us in this vast and very haunted space.

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