Abandoned Demolished Farmhouse 1875 Italianate – Cazenovia, NY (Lost by fire!)

This Italianate farmhouse was constructed by Jabez Abell in 1870 and features.75 acres of land to go along with it. enrolled in the National Register of Historic Places and prepared for refurbishment. There are many of the original architectural components that have been preserved and are currently being stored on-site. For the purpose of carrying out the process of restoration, the property is eligible for financial assistance from both the federal government and the state.

Significant elements of the building’s history include its original pocket doors and trim, as well as its woodwork and exquisite spiral staircase. A great example of the Italianate domestic style, the farmhouse dates back to the 1700s. You are required to go through the property with the listing agent in order to ensure your own safety because it is being offered “as is” with the existing survey. DO NOT ENTER UNACCOMPANIED. Bring your sense of vision and ambition, as well as your passion of history.

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