The Sad Forgotten 215 year old Abandoned Rosa Plantation Deep Down South in Louisiana

Amazing examples of antique architecture, including a house that has been standing for nearly two centuries. The home made it through both the Civil War and the Great Depression, only to finally fall into disrepair in the 21st century. It was constructed in 1810 for one of the wealthiest cotton and sugar planters in the antebellum south, Stephen Duncan, who owned the property. He had his beginnings in Pennsylvania, and at one point he owned more than 15 plantations.

Because Stephen Duncan took a position favorable to the Union during the Civil War, he was basically forced to leave the state of Mississippi and start a new life elsewhere. In the year 1867, he passed away in the city of New York.

As a reward for his support of the Union during the Civil War, this man was permitted to keep all of his riches to himself. He became a very wealthy man as a result. A very interesting human being. I am grateful to you for watching!

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