See what’s inside this century-old Michigan mansion, now abandoned.

This century-old home near Detroit is deserted and has an unsettling aura about it.

Recently, Detroit Unseen released some images purportedly taken in Palmer Park, Detroit, of an abandoned home. On social media, several individuals, nevertheless, assert that it is impossible for this mansion to be there. This area is even more strange since some people find it difficult to believe for any reason.

The only information provided to us regarding this home was that it was 100 years old and abandoned. Misinterpreting that, several users on social media believed the location had been deserted for a century. Although it appears to have been vacant for a long time, I don’t believe it has been abandoned for that long.

Detroit Unseen
Detroit Unseen
Detroit Unseen

Though occasionally pictures are taken and circulated long after a structure has been destroyed, this one is still intact, as far as we are aware.

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