Early baroque castle in Žitenice, North Bohemia

An early Baroque castle complex in Žitenice, complete with the farmland and garden, is up for sale.

With its majestic position atop the slope, the castle offers stunning views of Litoměřice and the Bohemian Central Uplands scenery, forming a unique ensemble with the nearby farmstead and the Church of St. Peter and Paul.

Surrounding the two-winged, L-shaped castle lies a large farmstead. The castle courtyard with a fountain to the north is accessed through a Baroque gate with a more recent fence. The farmstead is reached via a road that runs along the eastern fence, and an old road on the west divides it from a neighboring garden. From the lookout at the southern main wing of the castle, remnants of an ancient stone staircase lead down to the lower courtyard. This is also where the supporting walls that divide these two areas are seen.

The castle’s internal space is 1,724 square meters in total, and with attic additions (645 square meters), it may provide 2,368 square meters of usable space. There are forty rooms in the castle spread across three residential stories (not counting the cellar, storage, stairs, corridors, and restrooms). The agricultural structures have a total usable space of 1,900 square meters.

The Gothic cellar beneath the southwest corner of the castle structure is the oldest portion of what was once a Gothic fortification. The eastern portion of the wing was probably erected during a later medieval building period, as shown by some rooms’ dividing walls and cross-vaults without ridges. The current scale of the castle is mostly the result of remodeling during the Renaissance. They created a two-story west wing and a south wing that was raised by one floor to the level of the recently constructed west wing. Arcades were installed at every level on the courtyard side of the west wing. Then came the Baroque makeover, with a segmented gable and rusticated pillars adorning the courtyard entrance gate.

The arcades of the west wing were bricked up on the courtyard side, and a stone fountain was constructed. A modest castle chapel was built on the second floor of the south wing, with grand double doors and ceilings decorated with contoured stucco strips. Simple and connected windows were set into the brickwork.

Luckily, the twentieth century had little effect on the structure; new, thin partitions were erected to a few rooms, some windows and doors were bricked up, the roof was fixed, and the exterior was updated.


The Bohemian Central Uplands’ captivating scenery beckons outdoor activities and cultural outings. The warm temperature of the Elbe region and the Litoměřice region is regarded the most fruitful in the Czech Republic, as it is ideal for vineyards and fruit plants. Numerous cultural attractions may be found nearby, including the Doksany Monastery, Ploskovice Castle, the ruins of Kamýk Castle, Hazmburk Castle, and the medieval center of Litoměřice. It takes less than an hour to drive to Prague and Václav Havel Airport, and it takes less than half an hour to reach the German border. Both Žitenice village and Litoměřice, a nearby town, offer comprehensive infrastructure catering to all requirements.

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