ABANDONED Cartel $26 MILLION MEGA Beach Mansion (Video)

During our excursion today, I will take you down to the Gulf of Mexico to investigate an abandoned giant mansion valued at $26,000,000, which is alleged to have been formerly owned by a powerful drug lord in the Mexican Cartel.

This 13.5-kilofoot-square-foot home was constructed in 2000 and sits on a massive 10 acres of property. It features 6 bedrooms, a 25-car garage, an elevator, and a full-sized fitness center. If that isn’t enough, it also features a gated driveway that is a quarter mile long and leads to access to the intercoastal waterway. The private beach site measures 2.5 acres.
It is almost impossible to fathom that such a location ever exists, much less that it is deserted.

We were compelled to go check out this location for ourselves, despite the fact that doing so would get us jailed for trespassing or that there might be squatters living there. So come with me as we investigate this enigmatic contemporary mansion and get a feel for what it must have been like to live in such a refined residence.

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