We’re Not Saying These 11 Homes Are Haunted, but They’re Certainly Creepy

The homes we’ve highlighted below all have a really eerie atmosphere, but whether or not they are actually locations with paranormal activity is something we’ll leave to ghost investigators.

Each of these sites, which range from deserted palaces to previously opulent residences exposed to the elements, exudes an unwavering sense that their histories and the tales of the people who once called them home, still have something to say about the present.

Many things might contribute to a house feeling haunted, according to Psychology Today. Typically, haunted houses are ancient, isolated, and abandoned. These are a few available homes that meet all of those criteria, and then some.

View these 11 properties that are for sale and decide if you would be brave enough to buy any of them.

Hudson, New York; 1141 Main St

Cost: $150,000
The Cottage: This property, which was once known as the parsonage, was built in 1893 as a two-bedroom apartment with a private entrance and deck, as well as two outbuildings. According to the description, it’s the ideal setting for a mother and daughter or might be rented out. We believe that the flat is most likely haunted by the vengeful spirit of someone’s mother-in-law who passed away.

Elkins Park, PA / Ashbourne Road

Cost: $15.5 million
Lynnewood Hall: This 1897 home seems to have been designed with ghosts in mind, with 55 vacant chambers providing a haven for them to roam. It’s created by architect Horace Trumbauer and is situated not too far from Philadelphia. It looks a lot like the Overlook Hotel from “The Shining,” which is how we (and many others) associate it. The sellers are seeking a developer who would be open to repurposing the historic building as a hotel, concert venue, museum or condominiums.

S. Main Street, 498, Madison, GA

Cost: $449,900
Foster-Miller-Thomason House: This 1883-built, totally restored Gothic Revival, Italianate, and Queen Anne residence was completed in 1986. The house need extensive repairs after a fire in 2001 devastated it. Its soot-covered inner rooms, however, have the atmosphere of a haunted home.

630 E. Carson Street, Texas, USA

Cost: $230,000
Hill House Government: Constructed in 1896, this venerable five-bedroom residence situated on a corner property on Government Hill offers approved blueprints and architectural designs for remodelling, along with the potential for a few ghost cowboys.

Pine Street, 1627, Eureka, CA

Cost: $179,000.
Pink Victorian: The ghost of an elderly commander is frequently seen at neighbouring Fort Humboldt, and the haunted Carson home is only two of the paranormal attractions in the town of Eureka, Northern California. Thus, this 1882 faded pink Victorian fits nicely in. Though it has a lot of promise, the four-bedroom house is only a shadow of its former self right now.

Stonewall Street, 110 S., Sutton, WV

Cost: $30,000.
Haymond William Edgar Residence: You can get this four-bedroom house from 1884 for less money than you would pay for a midsize SUV. Architect Edward Bates Franzheim of West Virginia created the asymmetrical Queen Anne, which is recognised by the National Register of Historic Places. We have a good feeling that high school kids have double-dog challenged each other to spend the night in the house.

Adams Road, 6295, Rogers, OH

$979,500 is the price.
Stone Estate: This stone home has a dungeon-like appearance, and what makes it even worse is that it’s situated on 190 acres of woodland, so nobody can hear you scream. The house, which was constructed in 1933, has “a Rapunzel-like window,” which conjures images of being imprisoned by a cruel old witch.

Philmont, New York 56 Main St

Cost: $69,000
Hotel on a hilltop: If “Friday the 13th” had been filmed at the neighbouring Summit Lake, Jason Voorhees would have resided in this abandoned building, which is perched on a hilltop in the Taconic Hills. When the building was first built in 1878, the third story remained unchanged. What’s lacking are the scantily clad adolescents being pursued by a psychotic killer through a nighttime thunderstorm. While you complete the walkthrough, we will remain trapped in the automobile here.

Ymbacion 801 Refugio, Texas

Cost: $125,000
Oaklawn: This enormous old house, referred to as Oaklawn in the neighborhood, is situated on over five acres. The dilapidated, deserted house is located not far inland from the Gulf of Mexico. It has been unoccupied for years, frying in the Texas heat, making it the ideal hiding place for banditos and criminals of all hues.

Ojai Road, 1226, Santa Paula, CA

Cost: $999,000
Remote Victorian: Is Norman Bates somewhere in the area? Constructed in 1883, this beautiful Victorian home in Ventura County sits on two acres of its own. The property has nearly a century’s worth of history trapped inside its walls, but it lacks gas, heat, septic, or sewer hookups. You may hear spurs jangling on the front porch if you listen really intently.

Watson Pl., 722, Marlin, Texas

Cost: $114,900
Marlin Brick: This fixer-upper outside of Waco is a cross between a terrifying Texas slasher movie backdrop and Chip and Joanna Gaines’ ideal project. It will be difficult to see much behind the windows unless the trees are chopped down. That may be a good thing.

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