ABANDONED 1902 Victorian Mansion, Everything Left Behind

An abandoned Queen Anne Victorian mansion that dates back 121 years may be seen perched on a corner property on the outskirts of a large metropolis. In the year 1902, a man who was born and raised in South Carolina had big plans for his career in the furniture industry. He brought his wife, their only child, and established himself as the city’s first furniture dealer after moving to the city with his family.

The guy passed away in 1919, after which it was bequeathed to his children, who in turn gave it to their own children, who in turn passed it on to their own, until it was eventually sold to a company that made use of the ancient mansion by utilizing the bedrooms, for their business. The neighborhood around the house started to deteriorate, and as a result, more criminal activity started to take place. As a result, the house was eventually abandoned with all of its belongings still inside. Come along with me today and let’s see what’s still available.

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