Abandoned Beach Army Hospital Ghost Hunt, Mineral Wells, Texas

One of the American Southwest’s most eerie structures

There is no better place for a ghost hunter than an ancient, abandoned hospital with a frightening appearance. The evident presence of any abandoned place fills you with terror, but there’s also the knowledge that many individuals would have endured excruciating pain and sadly ended their lives there. Whose ghosts will definitely stay behind its decaying walls, experiencing their last moments for all time. The best example of such a structure is the Beach Army Hospital, which is located just north of Mineral Wells.

The Beach Army Hospital was constructed somewhere in the 1950s and opened its doors to active duty military troops and their families stationed there in 1957. It is located at the former Fort Wolters military complex (formerly the U.S. Army Primary Helicopter School). Fort Wolters had almost 40,000 student pilots pass through it as the United States Army Primary Helicopter School, many of them were going to serve in Vietnam.

Just a few months before all troops left Vietnam in 1973, the hospital as well as Fort Wolters shuttered their doors. The hospital and the base have been neglected ever since.

Disembodied voices, poltergeist activity, and dark entities more…

The structure, which has been in use for just 16 years, isn’t your typical hotspot for paranormal activity, but when you consider the undeniable number of fatalities that have occurred here, you may begin to see why this location is said to be so haunted. Many pilots perished in flight training accidents at Fort Wolters, while the precise death toll is unclear; many of them would have passed away in the hospital itself. Here, military families received care, therefore it stands to reason that many of those families also perished.

In addition to the ghosts of former patients, something more evil resides there. The structure had been used for satanic rituals, which the present owners had the unfortunate discovery of. In a previous patient’s bedroom, they saw obvious symbols like upside-down crosses and pentagrams painted on the walls. The family dog “nearly jumped out of the second-story window when brought in there,” the owner claimed.

A shadowy figure is rumored to be hiding in the hospital basement. There have been reports of disembodied groans, bangs, and an overpowering sense of terror, as well as the sensation of someone breathing on your neck.

On the second level, you could hear men and women’s voices speaking inhumanly or see the charred ghosts of past patients lurking in the corners of the stairs and halls.

Additionally, there have been reports of poltergeist activity, which includes distant sounds of heavy metal doors slamming shut and moving items right before your eyes!

Do you believe you have what it takes to confront whatever may be hiding in plain sight at this deteriorating, deserted military hospital?

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