Abandoned Wacky Warehouse | Amazing Architecture

Stone, a little village in Staffordshire, has a spooky but intriguing setting. An similarly old boarded-up structure in an ancient abandoned lot used to be a site that offered tremendous delight to children. Around the 1880s, the structure was known as ‘Arden House,’ and it was a semi-detached residential house nestled among many other Victorian villas inside their own vast grounds, including ‘Lindow Grove,’ now known as The Merlin, and ‘Merchistown,’ now known as ‘Yesterdays,’ the old nightclub.

The Wacky Warehouse closed in November 2009, and the land has remained vacant since since. The structure has fallen into disrepair and has been the victim of a number of incidents of vandalism and theft. An application to convert the former tavern into a residential building was submitted in 2019, but nothing has transpired since.

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