Greatest Abandoned Gilded-Age Mansion in USA ~ Save Lynnewood Hall!

One of the most impressive examples of a gilded age mansion found in the United States is Lynnewood Hall.

Almost one hundred years ago, Mister Peter AB Widener commissioned the architect Horace Trumbauer to plan and construct the mansion. This masterpiece was constructed over the period of three years, and it eventually grew to become one of the most expansive houses in the continental United States. Taking into account the effects of inflation, the cost of construction was 8 million dollars, which is equivalent to almost 260 million dollars now. Lynnewood Hall was a dream come true for Peter because it was unlike any other gilded age house built before its time.

It featured 110 rooms, 55 bedrooms, 20 bathrooms, 5 art galleries, and many more common areas that serve very particular roles. Later on, the mansion was inherited by Peter and Joseph, Peter’s son. Joseph, who was enamored with all things French, commissioned the mansion to be remodeled in the style of a country manor in France. Within the mansion, we also find the longest residential enfilade in the United States and the finest French gardens found in America, comparable to the gardens of the castle of Versailles…

Lynnewood hall is almost two times larger than the White House, having a total of approximately 100,000 square feet. In light of the fact that the Widener family owned the largest mansion in Pennsylvania, it is clear that they were not a typical family and that they left an indelible mark on the region. In order to provide a more comprehensive account of the Widener family, Edward is going to dissect their family tree and also discuss their well-known connection to the RMS Titanic.

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