The World’s Scariest Abandoned Houses!

Weathered cottage in Utah

Image Credit: David S Baraloto / Shutterstock

This frightening tiny abandoned cottage, which was formerly part of a small hamlet of shacks and cabins designed to accommodate miners, has been allowed to rot. Rusted, bullet-riddled furniture, including a refrigerator, has been strewn outside the Utah cabin, which is bordered by wild shrublands and mountains. Could there have been a gunfight here?

Russian mega-mansion in ruins

Image Credit: Vladimir Mulder / Shutterstock

The shattered windows and decaying brickwork of this abandoned brick home show that no one has lived there for many years. Given its enormous pedimented façade and tree-lined drive, it was surely a great home in the distant past. The abandoned shell, now merely a ghost of its former self, protrudes between the trees, appearing more terrifying than graceful.

Unsettling Chernobyl estate

Image Credit: Ksenia Lada / Shutterstock

Few places on Earth are as terrifying or agonizing as Chornobyl, the site of the 1986 nuclear disaster. As a result of the most terrible power plant disaster in history, the city was evacuated, and admittance is now strictly regulated by the Ukrainian government. This abandoned mansion is one of the many rotting residences that remain in the toxic town, acting as a continuous reminder of the hundreds of people who have died since the disaster.

The Mississippi mansion’s mystery-filled history

Image Credit: Abandoned Southeast

Despite being one of the most prominent historical houses in the area, this once-grand residence in Natchez, Mississippi, is now abandoned and lonely. The initial owners of the home, John Hampton White and his wife Jane, died suspiciously soon after each other. John allegedly died in 1819, at the time the edifice was completed. Leland Kent of Abandoned Southeast granted us access to the antebellum mansion. Take a look at this…

Sweden’s eerie country cabin

Image Credit: Magnus Binnerstam / Shutterstock

This haunting home was suddenly abandoned by its owner and now stands empty and desolate in the Swedish countryside. The decaying wooden home in a remote place surrounded by woodlands gives us the creeps. Whatever the cause for its demise, it is obviously not a calm holiday destination!

The abandoned Kolmanskop desert cottages

Image Credit: Lukas Bischoff Photograph / Shutterstock

Kolmanskop, formerly a thriving diamond mining town, was abandoned in the 1950s as the supply of precious stones ran out. Kolmanskop may be a ghost town, but its past occupants left behind some intriguing residences, such as this abandoned house. The location, which has been entirely ruined by sand, is now a prominent tourist site managed by the world-famous diamond business De Beers, and is regularly used as a background for TV, film, and fashion shoots.

California miner’s cabin that is now abandoned

Image Credit: M. Cornelius / Shutterstock

Benton Hot Springs, California, was a successful mining village in the nineteenth century. When the heavy industry faded, the town’s population dropped swiftly, and many dwellings, including this antique miner’s hut, were abandoned. Years of neglect have begun to deteriorate the creepy cottage, one of dozens in this lonely ghost town.

Abandoned castle from the nineteenth century

Image Credit: Merlot Levert / Shutterstock

Bissingen Castle, erected in the mid-nineteenth century in Vlajkovac, Serbia, is in decay. It was formerly a palace for local nobility, but it is no longer fit for a king. Despite investors’ aspirations to transform the stately estate into a hotel, little work has been made; there are no signs of development. Perhaps there are already visitors…

Abandoned Transylvanian home

Image Credit: Christian Draghici / Shutterstock

This abandoned mansion in Transylvania, Romania, fits every terrifying stereotype connected with haunted houses. The steps are covered with moss, there are gaping holes where the windows once were, and the façade has been reduced to a falling jumble of components as time wears on it. All that is needed now is a vampire inhabitant!

Vietnamese villa in ruin

Image Credit: xuanhuongho / Shutterstock

It’s easy to imagine how luxurious this Vietnamese palace may have been in the past. La Lt was created as a resort by the French in the early 1900s, but many vestiges of the colonial history remain. Despite its beautiful lakeside position, the eerie house with its bricked-up door and windows is steadily deteriorating.

Estonian old house in disrepair

Image Credit: Regina Karro / Shutterstock

This Tallinn abandoned home seems like it belongs in a horror film, and it would need more than a fresh coat of paint to be habitable again. Its outside is a property nightmare, with broken windows, structural difficulties, deteriorating wood, graffiti, and collapsing stonework.

The home is surrounded by trees.

Image Credit: Gertjan Hooijer / Shutterstock 

This treehouse in Hemsedal, Norway, set a new standard for treehouses, and when it was abandoned, it took an unexpected turn. It used to have lovely quarters, but today it’s home to the spruces that broke through the house’s roof. It’s unclear how they got there because there don’t appear to be any trees around the structure.

Tuscany dream house in disrepair

Image Credit: pinkfloyd_neverdie / Shutterstock

This treehouse in Hemsedal, Norway, set a new standard for treehouses, and when it was abandoned, it took an unexpected turn. It used to have lovely quarters, but today it’s home to the spruces that broke through the house’s roof. It’s unclear how they got there because there don’t appear to be any trees around the structure.

Autumnal empty house

Image Credit: Wipark Kulnirandorn / Shutterstock

Many abandoned houses become drab shells of what they once were, but not this one in Aomori, Japan. It comes into its own every year after the summer, when the leaves of the vines that have gradually climbed the sides burst into stunning, rich color.

The treehouse at Brooksville

Image Credit: David Bulit / Shutterstock

If you were fortunate enough to have a treehouse as a child, it was most likely a simple wooden box perched in a tree in your backyard. The enormous residence, complete with kitchens, bedrooms, and toilets, was built in the 1980s for a wealthy Florida entrepreneur’s grandkids, but this magnificent treehouse takes some beating. After his death in the early 2000s, the rotting treehouse, affectionately known as Honky Ranch Treehouse by locals, has evolved into a terrifying ghost of what it once was.

Alabama vacant Greek Revival house

Image Credit: Abandoned Southeast

Under its decaying walls, this creepy Greek Revival mansion, shot by Leland Kent of Abandoned Southeast, hides a terrible narrative. The abandoned Alabama mansion once housed a family funeral company, but it was wrecked by two storms and is now left to rot. Even more disturbing, some of the rooms still had coffins and funeral director’s materials.

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