The World’s Most Spooky Abandoned Houses

Nothing gets our imaginations going like an abandoned house. These abandoned houses have watched history unfold and their decaying walls are filled with spine-chilling mysteries. Would you be bold enough to approach these abandoned sites on a night? If you dare, click or scroll on to see some of the world’s creepiest deserted houses…

The abandoned family home with its own cemetery

Abandoned Southeast

Leland Kent of Abandoned Southeast ventured to the grounds of Moulthrop Mansion in Lake Eufaula, Alabama, in 2020. The spooky family mansion was finished in 1837 and included luxurious interior areas as well as its graveyard. The Moulthrop family owned the property until the 1980s when it was sold to a real estate developer since there were no surviving successors to take over ownership. Efforts to rebuild the property never came to fruition, and it swiftly fell into disrepair.

Spooky Gothic castle in Transylvania

Sotheby’s International Realty

Nothing has the same Gothic charm as Transylvania in Romania, and this incredible old castle can be located right in the heart of Dracula country. It was the vacation palace of count Géza Teleki and subsequently his son, Pál Teleki, a controversial man with strong anti-Semitic beliefs. It was completed around the end of the 18th century. Pál committed suicide on the day Nazi soldiers crossed Hungarian territory in 1941, and Teleki Castle regretfully fell into disrepair.

Ill-fated Gilded Age Mansion

@lynnewood_hall / Instagram

Lynnewood Hall in Pennsylvania, USA, is regarded as one of the most important remaining Gilded Period houses in America. After his wife Hannah died in 1896, American billionaire Peter Arrell Browne Widener chose to build the house, but tragedy would follow Widener to his new home. He died in 1915, three years after losing his heirs on the ill-fated Titanic, after continuous bouts of bad health. Lynnewood Hall has been unoccupied since circa 1948.

Cursed millionaire mansion

José Goncalves / Wikimedia Commons CC BY 3.0

Castelo da Dona Chica in Palmeira, Portugal, is a cursed rich palace full of mysteries. Joo José Ferreira do Rego and his rich heiress wife, Francisca, commissioned the building in 1915. Nevertheless, the project was put on hold in 1919 when the couple ran out of finances and divorced. The castle is claimed to have been cursed by Francisca, who vowed it would never be built or lived in. Whether or whether this myth is accurate, her hex appears to have worked.

Haunting Irish mansion

Mayfield House, formerly the home of a rich Irish family in the 1800s, sat abandoned for three decades. David Malcomson commissioned it in the 1740s, but it changed hands several times throughout the decades before being abandoned in 1985. The home is in desperate need of restoration, with overgrown plants, damaged glass, and disintegrating masonry. It was listed for €790,000 (£697k / $772k) in late 2021 and is claimed to be being renovated into a magnificent hotel. Let us hope it’s not haunted!

Eerie vacant estate in Georgia

Abandoned Southeast

When the Summer Hill property hit the market in late 2019, it was “full of cobwebs and abandoned furnishings,” according to the REA Group. The vacant apartment was strewn with filthy crockery, rusty rope, and empty bottles, and the front door was scarcely accessible owing to overgrown weeds, according to several. Despite this, and its frightening appearance, the home sold for AUD$1.7 million (£1 million/$1.1 million).

Notorious Summer Hill ‘Ghost’ House

REA Group

Summer Hill property was “full of cobwebs and abandoned furnishings” when it on the market in late 2019. The vacant pad was strewn with dirty crockery, rusty rope, and empty bottles, and the front entrance was scarcely accessible owing to overgrown weeds. Despite this, and the unsettling design, the home sold for AUD$1.7 million (£1m/$1.1m).

Fire-destroyed plantation mansion

Courtesy Dicksonia Plantation / Facebook

This damaged plantation estate in Lowndesboro, Alabama, was built in 1830 but was rebuilt in the Greek Revival style in the 1850s. The property was owned by a number of important local families until being purchased by Robert Dickson in 1901. Unfortunately, the structure was destroyed by fire. A new mansion was erected in its place, and the pad was judged fireproof until the house’s second iteration burnt down in 1964. It’s been like this since.

Confederate colonel’s abandoned dream home

Bryan Sansivero

This ancient mansion in northern Virginia, USA, was the previous residence of a Confederate colonel and was strangely abandoned many years ago. It is believed to have been constructed between 1853 and 1856, with 300,000 bricks needed to construct the basement and chimneys alone. However, the mansion is a shell of its former glory, with creeper vines covering its outside and its once-ornate chambers littered with dust and long-forgotten possessions. Fortunately for us, famous urbex photographer Bryan Sansivero allowed us to have a look inside. Are you courageous enough?

The bewitched Carleton Island villa


This decaying home on Carleton Island, New York, has not only been abandoned since 1927, but it is also rumored to be haunted by the ghost of its former owner, typewriter inventor William Wyckoff and his family. Wyckoff commissioned the opulent abandoned estate in the 1890s, but he’s rumored to have died of a heart attack on his first night there, barely a month after his wife died unexpectedly. Take what you will from that…

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