Incredible Hen-Shape Church

In the wooded region of Rhema Hill, Borobudur, Magelang, on the island of Java, Central Java, Indonesia, stands the enormous church styled like a bird, known as Gereja Ayam.

The edifice, known as Chicken Church (Gereja Ayam), was intended to be shaped like a dove, but when it was finished, it looked more like a hen.

An Indonesian businessman named Daniel Alamsjah dreamed of seeing a dove perched on a hill and heard a voice instructing him to construct a prayer house atop the hills. This vision led him to construct the church. The church was initially under construction in 1990, but after a ten-year period, work was halted owing to financial difficulties, and the structure began to deteriorate.

But because of its unusual design, it became well-known and quickly became a popular tourist destination. Now that the tourists have paid, the building has undergone some renovations. It features a sizable hall, a viewing terrace in the back, and a viewing platform in the bird’s crest.

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