The World’s Most Creepy Abandoned Houses

Despite its dilapidated state, it’s difficult not to be fascinated by this once-opulent mansion in Kojori, Georgia. We’d love to have seen this magnificent home in its prime, from the gorgeous porch gable to the diamond-tiled roof and elaborate windows. Years of neglect have unfortunately taken their toll, leaving smashed glass and decaying timber behind. All that is left now is an eerie edifice alone in a barren clearing.

Long-abandoned Pendleton-Graves House

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This is one house we wouldn’t want to come upon after dark. The original bones of the elegant Pendleton-Graves Mansion in Sparta, Georgia, date back to the 1820s. The majestic house, with its turrets, cornicing, and exquisite porch, was once a beacon in the neighborhood but has since been abandoned and left to rot. It’s a disturbing sight, but it’s evident that the property has the potential to be something truly exceptional if only it could be saved…

Eerie woodland retreat in Latvia

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This spooky residence in the Latvian town of Dobele, inside the province of Zemgale, is enough to send shivers down your spine. The decrepit woods mansion, framed by gnarled trees, might easily serve as the setting for a horror thriller. It’s unknown how long the house has been abandoned, but given the shattered windows and moss-covered roof, it appears to have been for quite some time. Would you want to go inside?

Weathered Utah cabin

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This creepy abandoned little cottage, formerly part of a small hamlet of shacks and cabins intended to shelter miners, has been left open to the elements. Outside the cabin, surrounded by rough shrublands and mountains in Utah, rusty, bullet-riddled furniture, including a fridge, has been dumped. Might this be the site of a shootout?

Abandoned Russian Mega-Mansion

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According to the shattered windows and decaying masonry, this old brick mansion has been empty for decades. It was undoubtedly a magnificent mansion in the distant past, with a tree-lined drive and stately pedimented façade. The abandoned shell, now a ghost of its former self, rises out amid the trees, more scary than graceful.

Eerie Chernobyl Mansion

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Few sites in the world are as haunting or tragic as Chornobyl, the site of the 1986 nuclear tragedy. The city was evacuated as a result of history’s most horrific power plant catastrophe, and admission is severely limited by the Ukrainian government. This derelict home is only one of several decaying residences that remain in the poisonous town, a haunting reminder of the hundreds who perished since the accident.

The Mississippi Mansion Shrouded in Mystery

Abandoned Southeast

This once-grand home in Natchez, Mississippi, is now barren and dismal, despite being regarded one of the region’s most important cultural sites. The home’s founding owners, John Hampton White and his wife, Jane, died in quick succession, shrouded in mystery. In reality, John is reported to have died around the time the structure was finished in 1819. Abandoned Southeast’s Leland Kent took us inside the antebellum mansion. Examine this…

Spooky Countryside Cabin in Sweden

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This eerie home remains alone and deserted in the middle of the Swedish countryside after its owner mysteriously abandoned it. The decrepit wooden home, surrounded by trees and located in a distant spot, gives us the creeps. Whatever the cause behind its downfall, it’s surely not a beautiful vacation spot!

The Deserted Desert Dwellings of Kolmanskop

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Kolmanskop, formerly a bustling diamond mining town, was abandoned in the 1950s when the valuable stone supply began to dwindle. Despite the fact that Kolmanskop is now a ghost town, its previous occupants left behind several unique properties, like this forlorn residence. The site, which has been completely devastated by sand, is now a tourist destination operated by the world-famous diamond corporation De Beers and is utilized as a film set for TV, film, and fashion shoots.

Abandoned miner’s cabin in California

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In the nineteenth century, Benton Hot Springs in California was a prosperous mining town. Nevertheless, when heavy industry declined, the town’s population rapidly declined, and many dwellings, like this ancient miner’s cottage, were abandoned. After years of neglect, the spooky cottage has began to fall, one of several in this desert ghost town.

Once Ornate Georgian Villa

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