A historic Scottish castle is for sale for less than the average London home

Kilberry Castle, a historic property located on the west coast of Scotland, may be yours for the low price of £650,000, which is around $900,000 USD. This castle was built in the 15th century and has four bathrooms, 10 primary bedrooms, four secondary bedrooms, and five reception rooms that are considered to be the most important. In addition to that, a quaint cottage with an additional three bedrooms will also be included in the sale.

The history of the stronghold
Kilberry Castle was constructed around the 15th century and may be found just outside the outskirts of the community of Kilberry. In the year 1550, members of the Campbell clan took over the management of the land, and the castle has remained in their possession ever since. Some people think that the castle was originally constructed as a fort sometime around the year 800 CE, in order to protect a nearby church against Viking invasions.

In 1513, the English pirate Captain Proby launched an assault on the castle and burned it to the ground. This event is commemorated with an inscription that says “plundered and torched by Capt. Proby an English pirate, 1513” and is located over the entrance to the fortress.

During the Scottish Civil War (1643–1645), a royalist contingent from the islands besieged the castle. The conflict lasted from 1643 until 1645. During the tenure of Colin Campbell, who participated in the Battle of Culloden with the Argyll militia, the castle was again destroyed by fire in 1773. This time it happened during his reign.

Before 1843, the castle was in a state of partial ruin; however, it was renovated by John Campbell 9th of Kilberry, who also added the tower and the northern addition at that time. The most recent comprehensive repair was completed in 1873 by John Campbell 10th Kilberry, who paid for it with the dowry that he had received from his bride.

The highest floor of the castle houses one of the most important historical artifacts that it has to offer. In the year 1885, a young Archie Campbell contracted scarlet fever and was forced to confine himself to his room for the better part of the year. His nurse covered the room in newspaper clippings from the London Illustrated News so that he would have something to look at to pass the time. The majority of these cutouts were political cartoons from the era that they came from. Even in modern times, a wall has retained practically all of its original structure.

In addition to all of the luxuries that have already been highlighted, Kilberry Castle also includes some characteristics that can only be found in a castle. The castle has a vast corridor, the original open fireplaces, galleried landings, beautiful dining rooms, a drawing room with a view of the sea, a library with fitted bookshelves, and a billiards room spread out across its four levels.

The grounds of the castle cover an area of 21 acres and include a magnificent walled garden, formal lawns, mature forest, three historic fishing ponds, a Victorian pet graveyard, a mausoleum, and a secluded beach. Additionally, the grounds have a mausoleum.

A laundry cottage that is located a short distance to the west of the castle is included in the asking price for the property. This cottage has views of the shore and can be utilized as a vacation house. There are three bedrooms in this cottage.

A deteriorated or broken down state
The family has made the difficult decision to sell the castle because there is currently no one interested in purchasing it. The Campbell family has come to the conclusion that it is time to find a new owner for the estate who will be able to see it through the next five hundred years.

Unfortunately, the castle has deteriorated to the point where it cannot be inhabited. Even while it is still possible to live in the castle in its current state, it will require significant renovations in order to be brought back to its former splendor. Tom-Steward Moore, an estate agent with Knight Frank, is of the opinion that the castle “is going to take someone with deep means and a great imagination to rebuild it, but once it’s done, it will make for a fantastic house.”

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However, despite having a price tag of £650 000, this property is significantly more affordable than the typical London residence.

Kilberry Castle is the ideal choice for everyone who has always wanted to live out their fantasies of ruling over a castle, whether they are interested in history or not.

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