The Most Beauty & Abandoned Houses In The World

Bissingen Castle in Vlajkovac, Serbia, was built in the mid-nineteenth century and is now in ruins. It was formerly the residence of local aristocracy, but it is now a long cry from its regal splendor. While investors hoped to develop the structure into a hotel, little work has been made, and the vast estate remains dormant. Perhaps there are already visitors…

Derelict Transylvanian House

Christian Draghici / Shutterstock

This abandoned mansion in Transylvania, Romania, fulfills all of the spooky haunted house cliches. The steps are encrusted with moss, there are gaping holes where windows once stood, and the façade has crumbled to a jumble of elements as time has taken its toll. All it needs now is a local vampire!

Ruined Vietnamese villa

xuanhuongho / Shutterstock

It’s not difficult to envision how opulent this Vietnamese home was once upon a time. The French developed La Lt as a resort in the early 1900s, and many vestiges of its colonial past survive. Despite its idyllic lakeside setting, the spooky mansion, with its bricked-up door and windows, is slowly crumbling.

Decrepit old home in Estonia

Regina Karro / Shutterstock

This abandoned house in Tallinn looks like it came right out of a horror film and would require more than a fresh coat of paint to make it habitable again. The windows have cracked, there are structural issues, and the façade is covered with decaying wood, graffiti, and collapsing masonry.

The house overtaken by trees

Gertjan Hooijer / Shutterstock 

This treehouse in Hemsedal, Norway, took treehouses to a whole new level when it was abandoned. Instead of the cozy quarters it once provided, it is now home to spruces that have forced their way through the roof. It’s unclear how they got there, given the area around the building appears to be devoid of trees.

Dilapidated dream home in Tuscany

pinkfloyd_neverdie / Shutterstock

You can ask yourself the obvious question: why would you ever forsake such a magnificent property in Tuscany, one of the most beautiful areas in the world? Whatever the explanation, this decaying dream home has been unoccupied for decades and has steadily deteriorated.

Autumnal abandoned home

Wipark Kulnirandorn / Shutterstock

Many abandoned homes become shadows of their former selves, but not this one in Aomori, Japan. Every year in the fall, after the summer, when the leaves of the vines that have gently crawled up the sides burst into gorgeous rich color, it comes into its own.

Vacant Greek Revival home in Alabama

Abandoned Southeast

This eerie Greek Revival home, photographed by Leland Kent of Abandoned Southeast, conceals a frightening mystery beneath its decaying walls. The abandoned Alabama mansion formerly housed a family funeral company before being destroyed by two storms that exposed it to the elements. Even creepier, some of the chambers are still strewn with coffins and undertaker’s tools…

Spooky student rental property

mundoview / Shutterstock

Picture a horror movie with a group of students, a horrible ghoul, and a decrepit student property, and you’ll be able to envision the setting: this abandoned property in Dunedin, New Zealand. The juvenile graffiti on the façade adds to the lonely atmosphere: this is one house you’d want to avoid at all costs.

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