5 Ghost Towns You Can Buy Right Now, If You Dare

The sheer quantity of abandoned villages in America has an unsettling quality. Wikipedia claims that there are more than a thousand of these strange, deserted towns hidden across the nation.

We located a few of these numerous abandoned locations that are for sale right now. Purchasing a ghost town demands steely nerves since the buyer must not only ward off any lingering ghosts but also make plans to do whatever it takes to restore the land to some semblance of life.

Five places are worth looking at if you think you can handle the pressure of closing on a ghostly sale. These are not locations for the timid, therefore, we advise you to approach a transaction with caution. Ideally, during the daytime.

28155 Highway 20, Bend, OR

Cost: $1,499,000
Incredible specifics: The ghost town of Millican is located in the middle of Oregon, just off Highway 20. The town’s 1940 population claim of one person has been reduced to zero now.

The majority of the 74-acre tract is designated for commercial use and contains the remains of the Millican Store. According to the listing, an RV park close to a revived general store would be quite popular.

Forest Service Rd #295, Saint Elmo, CO

Cost: $89,500
Incredible specifics: To breathe life back into this abandoned village, you might need air. Situated in the Gunnison National Forest at an altitude of 9,000 feet, the sheer altitude may cause tingling. This 4-acre plot has the remains of a tram line and an abandoned mine. Although we cannot guarantee any priceless stones, a buyer will undoubtedly discover a legendary hideaway.

6000 W Spring Canyon Rd, Helper, UT

Cost: $225,000
Fantastic details: The old Maple Creek Mine is a frighteningly good deal. The 154 acres, including with the ground-level artefacts and the remains of many structures, are available for purchase.

We were informed last week by the listing agent that “it’s wonderfully peaceful.”

Dakota Mountain, Black Hawk, CO

Cost: $2,900,000.
Amazing details: A lot of potential consumers will be scared off by the price alone. A purchaser can also claim a 400-acre lot in addition to the abandoned historic town of Apex. This mountainous property is a developer’s dream, located about 45 minutes outside of Denver, according to the ad. Construct a new ski resort and bring a deserted town back to life? Nothing horrible can be said about that!

23391 S State Route 89, Yarnell, AZ

Cost: $449,900
Incredible specifics: You’re staring at a rebuilt ghost town, not an apparition. Even if it’s a little dishonest, we couldn’t help but include this endearing property. The five acres include a three-bedroom main home, but the ghostly activity takes place in the backyard.

It’s eerie how realistic this ghost town recreation appears. The rustic wooden buildings appear as though they were brought from the Old West. Whether or whether there are ghosts here, the attention to detail is fascinating.

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