The Mining of Vasalemma Limestone And Marble in The Rummu Quarry Started As Early As 1938 And The Prisoners of Murru Prison Were Used As Labour.

One of Estonia’s most enigmatic locations, the Rummu Quarry, is only 45 minutes from Tallinn. The 1930s saw the construction of the Rummu quarry quarry, which was designed for open mining of marble-like limestone known as Vaselemma marble. The criminals of Murru Prison were utilized as labor when the mining of Vasalemma limestone and marble in the Rummu quarry began in 1938.

At the edge of the Rummu quarry, the Soviet Union built a prison and work camp in the 1940s. Up until the 1990s, Murru and Rummu inmates would extract and process limestone from the water-drained quarry as hard labor during the Soviet period. A large portion of the quarry’s natural area is located near to a spoil tip and is submerged beneath a lake created by groundwater. Two former prisons are nearby to the quarry, with the Rummu jail being the closest.

Owing to the topography of the location, groundwater accumulates and forms a tiny lake within the quarry. Water pumping equipment was necessary for the quarry’s design and operation in order for mining to go properly. Nobody was left to pump the water out of the Rummu Quarry when it was abandoned in 1991. A lake swiftly developed, flooding the vast bulk of the remaining jail buildings.

Once the Rummu quarry was closed, the region gained popularity as a destination for outdoor activities including hiking, rafting, scuba diving, summer vacations, sporting events, and filmmaking because of its distinctive topography. The location was included in Einar Kuusk’s 2015 post-apocalyptic short film The Most Beautiful Day. A number of the abandoned structures in Rummu were seen in the music video for Norwegian DJ Alan Walker’s popular song “Faded.” Around the lake is a ground spoil tip that is primarily made of slip of Vasalemma marble that has collected through time.

Early in 2016, the area started to be blocked off due to traffic problems, the risk of swimming in the lake, and warning signs that the owner had put up. This choice was made as a result of several grave instances. A 17-year-old girl hurt her back in 2014 after leaping into a lake from a quarry wall. A 35-year-old man was discovered dead in the waters of the quarry in 2016.

Be aware that Rummu Quarry is an unauthorized and unattended swimming and diving location. Be mindful and alert because there are sharp and heavy metal items in the quarry’s bottom if you want to swim there.

How To Get To The Rummu Quarry

Private property, the area is owned by KB Auto Eesti OÜ. Becauseto the fact that cars are not allowed to stop close to the gate on the road leading to the quarry, it is almost impossible to reach the location by automobile. The Rummu Quarry Marble Marble Mine Inundation: 59.225897°N 24.197682°E

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