Inside Mike Tyson’s $1.1M Abandoned Ohio Mansion That Has Now been converted to a Church

After being donated to a church organization in Ohio five years ago, the magnificent estate that had belonged to Mike Tyson and was valued at $1.1 million has been transformed into a place of worship.

In 1999, when Tyson was having financial difficulties, he decided to sell the Southington property. After changing hands several times, the estate was eventually purchased by the Living World Sanctuary, which began a restoration project that lasted for four years.

The church’s 150 members were responsible for all of the work that was done on the enormous estate.

During an interview with WKYC, Pastor Nick DeJacimo discussed the renovation of the estates and stated, “People were really willing to work.” And between 93 and 94 percent of the folks who attend the church have been responsible for all of the labor.”

“What you see is the result of everyone working together to accomplish something they wanted to do on their own.”

The previous owner of the boxing legend’s estate gave it to the church, which means that the church, Living Word Sanctuary, is now responsible for paying almost $50,000 in past taxes.

To reconstruct only this one structure today would cost 7.6 million dollars by itself. “And we remodeled this home for a faction,” DeJacimo told the paper. “[T]he client was really happy with the results.”

“And to own it and have it paid for, to the point where we can come in here without the strain of meeting bills and other types of things is a blessing,” you say. “And to own it and have it paid for.”

DeJacimo stated that although all of the internal work at the estate has been finished, there is still work to be done in the landscaping and outside areas, including the creation of a back patio area that can be used for gatherings and weddings.

According to DeJacimo, the beauty of the estate is enhanced by the presence of two lakes, one measuring one acre and the other measuring two acres, which are located on opposite sides of the entrance to the property.

The boxer, now 54 years old, still has some remnants of his time there, such as the basketball court that is still standing.

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