Millionaires Stunning $4.9 Million Dollar Abandoned Lake Front Dream Home!

This amazing deserted home can be found along the rocky shoreline of Lake Ontario. The land was bought in 1967, the same year that building on the house got under way. Around this time, Canada was marking the 100th anniversary of the confederation of the country by holding celebrations, activities, and events of a variety of different kinds all across the country.

As part of these celebrations, a totem pole was set up on the property where it was located. As a consequence of this, a heritage impact assessment on the totem pole was carried out in 2022. It was decided that in accordance with native custom, once the pole had been set up, it should never again be fixed or repainted and should instead be allowed to succumb to the ravages of time. The house went through a few different owners until being acquired by its most recent owner in 2020 for the price of $4.9 million.

Since then, there has been silence in the house. The power and the water have been cut off, and the house is rapidly deteriorating into an unsafe condition. It appears that this house will be torn down as a result of the extensive revitalization work that is being done in the surrounding area in order to create room for yet another contemporary mansion.

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