Log Cabin Building TIMELAPSE Built by ONE MAN

You’ve made it to Alaska! You are going to love seeing this time-lapse film of the construction of my cabin in Alaska. It is a compilation that was derived from the 35 individual videos (of the complete build) that were uploaded to my channel over the course of the past year. My Alaskan Log Cabin Project is a playlist on my channel that has all 35 videos. You can view the playlist there.

I am an Alaskan. I have lived in Alaska for nearly 50 years (mostly in log cabins). When I was 10 years old, I helped my father construct a log cottage for our family that was off the grid. My passion for this line of work is as strong as ever.

I have drafted up a set of plans for this log cottage. These can be purchased right now at https://thisismyalaska.com, where you’ll also find a comprehensive inventory of the materials used. Please note that I do not have training in architecture or engineering.

Drox, my grandson, is my teeny-tiny little aide.
The music on the guitar was composed by his father, Eric.

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