Inside eerie abandoned mansion where designer shoes and luxury cars left to rot

While most of us aspire to live in luxury, the owners of this £10.5 million estate abandoned their opulent home.

When photographer and filmmaker Jeremy Xplores happened onto the estate in Northeast America last year, he discovered that thousands of pounds’ worth of opulent items were lying around, unopened, and gathering dust. When the urban explorer visited the property, which was abandoned in 2016 because the owner’s family was unable to make the £50,000 monthly mortgage payments, he discovered a collection of designer shoes valued at £10,000 as well as expensive cars worth £80,000.

Pictures show the large façade of the 10-bed, 11-bath property, which is comprised of four incomplete structures. Another image shows antique cars, including a Mercedes Benz and a Volkswagen Bug, parked behind the house. A collection of stunning shoes, including Chanel, Christian Louboutin, and Nike Air Max, all remaining in their dust-covered boxes, is displayed in one eerie photo.

Luxury cars left abandoned

The builder of the 27,000 square foot house is a local surgeon who has many offices nearby. While the house was being built, the surgeon moved his family in. However, he and his 15-year-old son perished in an aircraft crash barely six months later. His wife and three additional children were left behind, but as he had not been paying his life insurance premiums, she was no longer receiving any financial support.

The property owed £8 million at the time of his death, and the monthly mortgage payment was a substantial £50,000. Ninety percent of the property was completed when the bank confiscated it three months later, and it has remained abandoned ever since.

Urban explorer Jeremy, who is based in Nashville, Tennessee, used his Sony A7IV camera and a Sony G Master 12-24 2.8 lens to take pictures of the estate. He spent about 11 hours filming there in the bitter cold.

One of the bedrooms in the abandoned mansion

“I discovered the location by searching for rumored abandoned mansions in the area on Google Maps,” he claimed. The man who constructed this mansion was extremely successful. He became a physician, a father of four children, and even a recreational pilot after graduating from one of the best medical schools in the country. In 2006, having established nine medical offices and a prosperous business, he determined it was time to construct his family the home of his dreams.

He wasn’t a showy man by any means, yet this 27,0000 square foot luxury home was meticulously designed.

Abandoned Land Rover

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