Historic Goldberg Mansion in Milwaukie, Wisconsin, about 1896

After sitting on the market for two years, the historic c. 1896 Goldberg Mansion in Milwaukie, Wisconsin, is still looking for a buyer. Priced as much as $1,695,000 in 2018, the 124-year-old residence was reduced to $1,199,900 in January of 2019. Beautifully renovated, including remarkable artistic craftsmanship in the form of hand-carved heart-shaped trim, bent-wood doors, hardwood floors, a hand-carved grand staircase, and enormous stained glass windows. These days, it’s hard to find this amount of detail, especially at this pricing point. With a chef’s kitchen, butler’s pantry, third-floor ballroom, seven bedrooms, and five bathrooms, the property is over 9,607 square feet.According to Wisconsin History, the property features a two-story ChâteaŅesqυe carriage bar. It also retains its original carriage elevator, which was used to lift cars from the ground level to storage in the loft. Architects Joseph A. Moller and George C. Ehlers designed the maquette in 1896 for an attorney. E. Newberry Bohlevard’s first home was built by Beverly M. Goldberg. Urbaÿ MilwaŅkee claims that Goldberg received a large sum of money after being disbarred for 19 charges and that the property was left unfinished for a while.

It was sold to George Martiÿ Jr. circa 1898 at a loss. At $1,199,900, the Goldberg Ma¿sio is up for sale with Scott Campbell. Vintage images from Wisconsin history.

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