From Cells to Sightseeing: Seven Deserted Prisons Across the World Are Open To Visitors

Renowned abandoned jails all over the world, including Kaala Paani in India and Alcatraz in the US, welcome tourists to delve into their terrifying pasts.

Set off on an incredible adventure to some of the most fascinating abandoned jails in the world, where silent cells and decaying walls whisper stories from the past. These eerie antiques, which range from dilapidated buildings tucked away inside metropolitan sprawls to isolated island solitary confinement chambers, provide adventurous travelers with an immersive experience of history beyond simply providing a window into the past.

These jails, which were formerly alive with the sound of slamming doors and muttered secrets, are now silent and provide a unique experience off the usual tourist path. The essence of life on society’s periphery is preserved in these unsettling time capsules, where each cell recounts a narrative of survival and every corridor resounds with tales of tragedy or redemption.Guests at these locations consider the thin line separating punishment and justice as they pass through the same doors as notorious and forgotten prisoners. So gather your courage and get ready for a voyage that will take you to the furthest reaches of the planet as well as the depths of the human experience.

7 abandoned prisons around the world open for visitors

Cellular Jail, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India

abandoned prisons

Alcatraz, San Francisco Bay, USA


Robben Island, South Africa

abandoned prisons

Château d’If, France

Château d’If

Bodmin Jail, England

abandoned prisons

Old Adelaide Gaol, Australia

Sinop Fortress Prison, Turkey

abandoned prisons

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