Former Hospital in California Looking for a Buyer With Resuscitation Skills

A derelict hospital in a small town in Northern California is in desperate need of revival, and reviving it will require more than minor repairs.

Situated on Elm Street, near the Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway in Westwood, CA, this hospital was established in 1914 and remained operational until it closed its doors in 1972 following the retirement of its last physician.

Exterior of former hospital in Westwood, CA(Harrison)

The asking price of $175,000 includes a property spanning 14,509 square feet on a lot of 0.69 acres.

Elizabeth Bill, who is co-listing the property with Cory Meyer, describes the building as a significant fixer-upper in poor condition, filled with debris.

Despite its current state, Bill believes in the building’s potential to regain its former elegance. The initial intention was to transform it into a resort, a vision that ultimately did not materialize.

Describing the hospital as a remarkable structure now in disrepair, Bill highlights its cedar construction and distinctive architectural features, evoking a journey back in time.

Historical photo(Chico State Archives)

A complete overhaul of the building’s essential systems, including plumbing, electrical, and HVAC, is necessary. The property boasts a large kitchen space with cabinets and shelves, along with numerous rooms suitable for bedrooms and living areas.

Bill envisions a buyer with the drive and creativity to restore such historic buildings, someone passionate about preserving history and with innovative ideas for community investment.

There might be funding opportunities available for the renovation of historical buildings like this one.

Bill emphasizes the need for a visionary capable of securing funding to unlock the building’s vast potential.

Paul Bunyan statue(Unknown)
Plaque on statue(Unknown)

Despite its rundown appearance, the building’s inherent grandeur is evident, particularly in its spacious interiors and historical significance, including a window once overlooking the baby nursery.

The hospital, originally constructed by the Red River Logging Company to serve its company town and sawmill in Westwood, was essential for providing medical care, growing from a 20-bed facility to 100 beds in the 1920s.

An apartment on the top floor served as the residence for doctors.

Nearby, a large statue of Paul Bunyan and Babe, the Blue Ox, stands as a testament to Westwood’s logging heritage and its role in promoting employment for lumberjacks through a marketing campaign featuring Bunyan since the 1910s.

A substantial statue, dedicated on the town’s 75th anniversary in 1988, has become a notable attraction close to the hospital.

Zoned for mixed use and nestled in a residential area, the hospital’s location and historical charm make it an ideal candidate for conversion into a resort, leveraging the recreational offerings of Lassen and neighboring counties.

Bill sees this as an opportunity to celebrate and rejuvenate a piece of American history, contributing positively to the local community.

Aerial view(Harrison)
Aerial view(Harrison)

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