Do you dare enter any of these 10 abandoned homes for sale?

We’ve managed to scoop up ten abandoned properties that are now for sale for individuals who are truly devoted to the eerie Halloween vibe. We all know that none of these houses are very “beautiful”; in fact, many of us would only enter on a dare.

But now is the season to welcome those shivers and little hairs standing on the back of your neck. Even the most experienced haunted house visitor will get the willies from just looking at the images of these abandoned houses, many of which are too unsafe to enter.

These locations are genuinely eerie because of the small details left behind. Old furniture, baby items, and even the rubbish all point to a period when these locations were active, bustling homes—until something went wrong.

What is the benefit of feeling spooky? Several of these properties are quite affordable, and you have the ability to resurrect them from the grave using all of your abilities.

So grab some fun-sized candies, turn on your Spotify playlist for Halloween, and take a tour of these deserted homes for an incredible adventure.

Sanford, New York; 33 Parker Road

Cost: $69,000
Interrupted Remodelling: When the owners suddenly decided to part ways, this 1970s three-bedroom ranch house was well on its way to becoming something really unique. Currently, anyone daring enough to enter the land is greeted by overgrown weeds. However, upon entering, you’ll notice that most of the rooms have hardwood flooring, and the kitchen is almost done. A whole bathroom has already been completely dismantled and is prepared for improvement. Situated at the foot of mountains, the acre-plus property makes this a unique little getaway with practically endless possibilities.

Indian Head, Maryland, 820 Indian Head Hwy

$105,100 is the price.
Proceed at your own peril: This 1942-built house has been overwhelmed by Mother Nature and is unsafe to enter. It is situated on a half-acre site; an additional full acre nearby may be purchased for $60,000. The mansion, which has been severely damaged by the weather and the elements, is beautifully set against the lush lot. The listing advises prospective purchasers to speak with a specialist about the house’s chances of being saved.

Halo Drive, 1393, River Falls, WI

Cost: $165,000.
A farm that has been torn down: Numerous structures on this deserted 23-acre property are in varying degrees of decay. To further enhance the eerie, frozen-in-time feeling, there’s even a car stopped in the middle of an overgrown field.

Cedar Grove, North Carolina; 5755 Roy Cooper Ln

Cost: $89,900
Oh my, termites, spiders, and trash: Once a family complex, it is now home to a variety of fauna and insects. The property spans more than two acres and has a double-wide caravan and a block house that is described as “loaded with termites, spiders, rotted out floors, trash, and debris.”. You can choose to fix things up, throw it all away, or maybe just burn a lot of sage.

Newton, NC 731 E F St

Cost: $10,000
Haunting cottage: Built in 1900, this two-bedroom home has a collapsing roof and fallen floors, making it unsafe to assess. A “walk-in partial crawl space” is another option, albeit it’s probably not that safer. The entire property has an unmistakably eerie atmosphere due to the heaps of rubbish, which also include old mattresses covered in growing vines, infant equipment, and furniture.

Lucerne Valley, California; 1 Dido Ave.

Cost: $24,950
cottage in the desert: This 400-square-foot cottage is situated on five windswept acres of desert. For those who aren’t scared of being stranded in an abandoned cottage in the middle of nowhere, the present owner is willing to carry out the loan with just $10,000 down and flexible terms.

Fairplay Road, 8260, Somerset, CA

Cost: $749,00
Unknown condition Nestled in the Fair Play American Viticultural Area, this stunning 60-acre lot features vistas, meadows with walnut and oak trees, and three ponds. The house on the land was constructed in 1888, but it has long been abandoned. The listing also states that anybody entering the house does so at their own risk and that the actual condition of the house is unknown.

Jones Street, 504/502, Sumter, SC

Cost: $19,900
Bare bones: Avoid going there after dark. This 662-square-foot, brick home with boarded-up windows is completely demolished and has two bedrooms. The purchase also includes

undeveloped, unoccupied land next door. It requires a bold purchaser.

Burns, OR 43369 Mountain View Ln

Cost: $179,000.
eerie ranch: The present owner of this enclosed 217-acre lot has never lived on it. It has a prefabricated home with unknown contents to add to the horror element. The property might be developed into a dream house, a hobby ranch, or perhaps a corn maze and haunted house.

Mays Landing, New Jersey 1361 Mount Vernon Ave

Cost: $28,500
The 1938 bungalow is a total tear-down project, and the advertisement alerts purchasers to the fact that the house is unsafe due to an unsteady ceiling and/or foundation. The true worth lies in the property, a 0.25-acre plot infused with clusters of wild lavender.

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