Haunting Photos From Mossley Manor Care Home in UK

Mossley Manor Care Home was an abandoned care facility that housed elderly people. There were allegations that its patients had been duped. The care home was forced to shut owing to various flaws revealed in 2015. During a CQC (Care Quality Commission) examination, staff employees were discovered to have criminal convictions, and the pair of rich brothers neglected to quickly disclose the deaths of ten patients.

Mossley Manor Care Facility, formerly known as ‘Elmswood House,’ was erected in the 1850s. It was converted to a Salvation Army maternity and women’s home in 1940, then to a children’s home in 1970, and finally to a care facility.

These images depict the interior of one of Britain’s most dreadful care facilities after it was closed down.

The premises were dangerous and in terrible condition. Several people’s bedrooms had insufficient hot water and dangerous windows. The buildings were extremely filthy, putting individuals at danger of illness.

One guy with Parkinson’s disease was admitted to the hospital with aspiration pneumonia after choking on food he couldn’t swallow. It was also uncovered that the £1000-a-month, 43-room facility was shut down owing to such negligence, with patients being allowed to lie in their own urine in chambers termed “prison cells” as a result.

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