Be Afraid: Haunted Houses Top This Week’s Most Popular Homes

We beg you, please don’t be frightened to browse this week’s most popular properties on®.

Still, it will be beneficial if you have a psychic sense for apparitions. The top two properties this week that are supposedly haunted are the ones that your clicks pointed a spooky finger towards.

For less than $100,000, you may purchase the top finisher of the week, provided you don’t mind ghosts that go missing. The historic property in Joliet, IL, which was recently seen by amateur ghost hunters (are there actually professionals?), will need an additional $100,000 in renovations. The house will probably be included to the National Register of Historic Places if you can drive away the bad spirits and put in a lot of work renovating it.

Damn the ghosts!

Though far more costly, the runner-up is a touch less eerie. The abandoned Howey Mansion, which is in Central Florida, is presently $480,000 in foreclosure. A buyer will have to fork out a cool million for restorations and renovations to this once-grand home in order to reverse decades of neglect.

Aside from these two haunts, you were also intrigued by the tidings of Angelina Jolie’s future whereabouts, which included a stunning estate on Mackinac Island devoid of cars and a Pennsylvania general store up for sale.

Put on your best Ghostbusters outfit and join us as we rank the top properties this week.

10. 1155 Pine Rd, Carlisle, PA

Cost: $335,000.
Why is it present here? This is your opportunity to work as a grocery store owner, deli entrepreneur, or antiques vendor. The Central Pennsylvania business, Kings Gap General Store, is a turnkey opportunity, according to listing agent Charlie Mallios, whose owners are prepared to retire. “The business had to be somewhat profitable for the owners to stay for 30 years,” as Mallios drollly states. Besides, Yelp has given the establishment 3.5 stars already, so all that has to be done is carry on the excellent legacy. Keep a cheese wheel for us!

105 N Elm St, Chaska, MN

$539,900 is the price.
Why is it present here? This exquisite Queen Anne Victorian was constructed in 1889. This charming Minnesota home with five bedrooms, four levels of living space, and two fireplaces is a great value.

1557 Lauderdale Ave, Lakewood, OH

Cost: $149,900
Why it’s here: At less than $150,000, this charming Colonial! The gorgeous built-ins, wood trim, and hardwood flooring are things we like. Additionally, the basement has a tonne of potential for a guy cave.

1344 River Ridge Rd, Danbury, NC

Cost: $4,875,000
Why is it present here? Though stunning, the rustic four-bedroom home is not the primary draw of this property. Additionally, a buyer receives 372 acres of “gem mining, hiking trails, kayaking, canoeing, fishing, and horseback riding.” This area is a great sportsman’s paradise with all those qualities plus a mile of Dan River frontage.

2000 De Mille Dr, Los Angeles, CA

$24,950,000 is the price.
Why is it present here? Is Angelina Jolie planning to retire to this home soon? This week saw the Cecil B. DeMille estate go under contract, fueling rumours that she will arrive soon.

121 Suzette Rd, Duson, LA

Cost: $485,000.
Why is it present here? This three-bedroom house has a “country feel” and is situated on over five acres, according to the description. The metal roof gives it a hint of that ever-popular “barndominium” feel. There is a built-in cooking station on the rear patio, and there is a bass-stocked pond in back.

123 Spring Creek St, Lacy Lakeview, TX

Cost: $1,200,000
Why is it present here? This is an actual barndominium! This three-bedroom house is showcased in Season 3 of “Fixer Upper,” and it displays Chip and Joanna Gaines’ skillful touch. It’s offered to a buyer seeking a little Magnolia enchantment after a stint as a holiday rental and some neighbourhood agitation.

6901 Main St, Mackinac Island, MI

Cost: $3,450,000
Why is it present here? You might be interested in knowing more about Mackinac Island if this beachfront home piques your curiosity. For example, bicycles and horse-drawn carriages are the only modes of transportation available on the island, and vehicles are prohibited. With a dock, this six-bedroom house is situated directly on the lake.

1001 Citrus Ave, Howey in the Hills, FL

Cost: $480,000
Why is it present here? Howey Mansion, owned by the bank, wants a happy ending. Numerous people have shown interest in learning more about this historic (although run-down) jewel, according to listing agent Lori Wall, and large numbers of potential purchasers attended the open house.

Constructed in 1925 for citrus tycoon William Howey, the house has spent the last few years in financial limbo. Wall believes the foreclosed house might fetch a higher price than the asking price, but the bank will select the best offer from the several that have been submitted. Wall calculates that the house will require renovations costing close to $1 million.

Regarding reports that the location is haunted, Hall doesn’t hold a strong belief in the paranormal.

“It’s eerie,” she acknowledges. “But when you go there in the middle of the day with sixty other people, it’s a lot less scary.”

608 Morgan St, Joliet, IL

Cost: $99,900
Why is it present here? According to Brian Ernst Realty Group listing agent Steve Roake, this ancient house is “allegedly haunted.” Although Roake doesn’t believe in ghosts, he attributes the house’s notoriety to a recent YouTube film in which paranormal investigators explore the property in an attempt to find apparitions.

Known as the Frank Shaver Allen House, this five-bedroom home is intriguing if you don’t mind making improvements. It was built in 1887. According to Roake, the house will require between $50,000 and $150,000 to restore it to its previous splendour.

The present owners have done some work (drywall, plumbing, windows), but they are selling the property because they are selling because they are too busy to undertake a comprehensive restoration. After restoration is finished, the house would make a fantastic candidate for either an extended “Ghost Hunters” episode or the National Register of Historic Places. Maintain the lights on.

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