Artist Leaves Dress In The Dead Sea For 2 Months And It Turns Into Glittering Salt Crystal Masterpiece

Sigalit Landau, an Israeli artist, has appreciated the Dead Sea since she was a child growing up in Jerusalem. From the hill she lived on, she could see the northern shores of the sea. The sea made such an impact on her that she now incorporates it into her creative artwork. Her artwork is thought to have a symbolic and mystical aspect to it.

Landau’s most recent project was a photo series in which she immersed a black gown in a lake. “Salt Bride” was the name of the project. This photo series was divided into eight sections. Landau photographed the garment while it was submerged on a regular basis. She did this over the course of three months. The photos documented the dress’s physical evolution over the course of three months. The salt content in the water turned the dark fabric of the dress into a pure white cloth. However, as a work of art, the transition is genuinely poetic. The photo series lends the outfit a sense of magic and mystique.

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