This Home Built On ‘Chicken Legs’ Is One Of The Oldest Buildings In Norway

This peculiar home was constructed in the 18th century, making it one of the oldest buildings in the Hattfjelldal municipality located in the county of Norland in the country of Norway.

Because it is built on top of these tree stumps, which serve as the foundation and, for some reason, look like chicken legs, the house gives the impression that it is about to walk away.

It is known as a “Stabbur” in the Norwegian language. They were utilized for the purpose of elevating food and other goods off the ground and out of the reach of animals.

Many people have commented that the building makes them think of Baba Yaga, a spooky witch who appears in Russian legend.

She flies around in a gigantic mortar and pestle rather than on a broom since her home is a shack perched on the backs of chickens and she lives deep in the jungle.

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