The sad history of lake Reschen’s Bell Tower.

South Tyrol, Italy, is home to the stunning Tower Bell of Lake Reschen, located one mile south of the Austrian border. It is an artificial lake most known for its tower bell, which lies in the center of the lake. The medieval structure appears to float in the water, which surrounds it on all sides.

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Lake Reschen is a man-made body of water. Hundreds of households lived in the region before it was flooded to build the lake. In order for the lake project to succeed, the community of Graun was drowned in 1950. Notwithstanding the opposition of the village’s residents, the proposal was carried out. There were around 163 dwellings and 1290 acres of farmed land that were inundated. The bell tower of the local church, on the other hand, was not inundated.

Lake Reschen’s bell tower, like other abandoned locations, is surrounded by mythology. Others claim that the tower stood silently guard over the inundated city. Some think that the bell tolls until the middle of winter, which is difficult to accept given that the bells were taken from the tower in 1950.

Photo by Grifo via Flickr

The history of the Lake Reschen

There were once three lakes: Lake Reschen, the Curon, and San Valentino alla Muta. They were linked by a dam in 1950, which regrettably flooded Graun hamlet, its buildings, and its farmland. People were forced to flee, and just the fourteenth-century church tower survived in the settlement. It appears out of nowhere, and it transforms Lake Reschen into a wonderfully attractive and fantastic spot, a symbol of the entire valley. When the lake freezes over in the winter, the bell tower may be reached on foot.

Photo by Andreas Flohr via Flickr

During the winter, the lake is entirely frozen, allowing visitors to stroll to the magical bell tower. Yet, the lake is lovely to see at any time of year. It’s weird to see a skyscraper slither out of the sea like a reed.

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