“The Ghost Palace of Bali” Abandoned Bedugul Taman Hotel

Among the Indonesian archipelago’s most visited locations is without a doubt Bali. Though it has much more to offer, it is a lovely vacation destination for beach lovers. Its fusion of ancestry, history, culture, and society is really astounding. Bali has even been likened by some to a living museum—a long-lost island paradise that is still, for the most part, intact like a time capsule connected to an intriguing history rich in folklore and antiquated customs.

Bali is a fantastic destination for adventurers wishing to discover deserted locations, offering everything from ancient ruins to forgotten temples tucked away in dense tropical jungle. Even while ancient ruins and temples are amazing sights to see, you don’t have to go all the way back in time to locate some amazing discoveries. A good example is the shuttered hotel dubbed “The Ghost Palace of Bali.” This abandoned structure was once the Bedugul Taman Rekreasi Hotel & Resort, a shining example of elegance and luxury in the neighborhood.

On the roof

The hotel in Bedugul, which was once an opulent retreat, abruptly declined. Despite being off-limits and guarded, brave people can enter by paying a little “entrance fee” to janitors or security personnel at the location. The history of the hotel exposes a sordid past connected to its downfall. Tommy Suharto, the son of the president of Indonesia at the time, had several businesses, including this one. Suharto’s multimillion-dollar land fraud resulted in outrage and prosecution. He fled into hiding, even planning to kill the judge who had condemned him, and eventually served out his time in an opulent hideaway.

Many tourists who are interested in the paranormal now hope to see ghosts at the hotel location. Some expect to be allowed to walk the chambers and other features, purely for the purpose of investigating the abandoned place. Considering how significant tourism is to the area, this is an intriguing sight. It is uncommon for Bali, where hotels are frequently regarded as important companies, for such a well-known establishment to have existed for decades as an abandoned ruin.

Below are more images of the deserted “Ghost Palace of Bali”:

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