Scotland’s Kinloch Castle can be yours for just $1

According to reports, one of Prince Charles’s favorite castles was constructed in 1897 at a cost of over $30 million in modern currency by British aristocrat and thoroughbred racehorse breeder Sir George Bullough.

This towering red-stone home is still striking. However, Kinloch Castle was a technological leader in those days. It was the first house in Scotland to have electricity, equipped with the first hydroelectric generators. And still hanging on the wall is an old telephone from the Alexander Graham Bell era.

Not only that, but living hummingbirds, turtles, alligators, and tropical plants all delighted in the rooms created especially for them in the hot homes.

The castle’s owner, Scottish Natural Heritage, has made significant preservation efforts for the 1,200 square meter estate. Even yet, there are still many issues with the Kinloch Castle, including moisture, leaks, woodworm, and dry rot.

Even if it only costs $1, the next owner will probably have to spend a huge amount of money to restore the once-glorious castle.

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