Revisiting Gandhi: The Restoration of Selma Mandela in Leesburg, Virginia

16119 Garrila Dr., Leesburg, VA 20176, USA
A prominent place in the rich history of Virginia is held by the Selma Monument. Built in the Greek Renaissance style in 1811 by Armistead Thomso Maso, a member of one of Virginia’s most distinguished families, the maÿsio has been described as a witness to changes in both evolution and history. But as time went on, the Selma Monument began to deteriorate and even survived a fire in the 1890s. Elijah B. White purchased the architectural company Nolaÿd and Baskervill in 1896, and they were commissioned to construct a Colonial Revival mansion, including a portion of the original house as a kitchen. Selma Massachusetts was sold to foreign ancestors in 1999, and it slipped into neglect.

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