Retro Illinois Diner In Great Shape After Being Abandoned For 10 Years

I’m not really sure how individuals come across so many abandoned locations that still contain a significant amount of the old business within, but I’m all for exploring them!

*WARNING: If you enter private or abandoned land, you put yourself at danger of getting hurt, having an accident, and potentially even getting arrested. Trespassing is not permitted in any way. *You do so at your own peril. *

Because this explorer, Decaying Midwest, has absolutely no fear of ANYTHING, I find myself writing about him rather frequently. He travels all around the state of Illinois in search of incredible abandoned buildings that most people, including myself, are unwilling to enter. He then explores these structures. He discovered an Illinois restaurant with a theme from the 1950s that had been well maintained, and I can’t believe how spotless it is despite having been closed for business for ten years.

The fact that this explorer doesn’t reveal all of the locations of the places he goes because he doesn’t want other people to destroy or steal anything from the structures he visits is one of the things I admire most about him as an explorer. Smart!

The stools are in FANTASTIC shape, and each one of them still shines beautifully. When I think back to the times when I went to my grandparents’ favorite diners, I see those stools sitting there. Kinda nostalgic!

WOAH! I find it hard to believe that when the diner closed down, nobody removed any of the posters from the walls because they are all in such great condition.

It’s hard to believe that ten years have passed since this shop was bustling with people having their freshly brewed coffee and breakfast. When the explorer discovered the coffee pots, they were sticky and contained coffee residue on the inside; therefore, we should probably look for new coffee in a different location.

At the front of the cafe, next to the keyboard and mouse, there is still one of the cash registers that has been left standing. Take a look at how large that thing is!

It blows my mind that none of the technology was upgraded considering that 2012 saw some pretty significant advancements in the types of appliances used in restaurants.

Take a look at the remaining photographs taken inside this deserted diner down below; they will bring back memories of Sunday breakfasts you used to have with your family back in the day. Trust me.

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