Near Paris, France, Manoir Colimaçon: An Abandoned Beauty

This gorgeous building was originally a mansion that was constructed in 1882 and featured approximately twenty windows along with a carriage entrance. The Manoir Colimacon is a mansion that was built in the late 19th century and is located in the countryside of northern France. This residence has been referred to as “Manoir Joachim Kroll,” “Manoir Beauty,” and “Manoir aux Papillons Bleus,” amongst other titles. The ruins of an earlier chateau were used around the turn of the century in order to construct this home.

A local farmer once owned the chateau, although he did little to preserve its historic integrity during his time there. Later, in the 1970s, he parted ways with Manoir Colimacon and sold it to an Iranian engineer. This individual made several attempts to improve the mansion in various ways. In recent years, there has been an ongoing dispute between the current owner and the prior owner. The former owner lived in the immediate area and continued to keep sheep as a grazing animal on the land.

The tensions increased, and as a direct result, there were arguments. After moving to the United States, the Iranian owner eventually let the land fall into disrepair and abandon it altogether.

The outside of the chateau is really breathtaking and seems like something out of a storybook. Ivy is used to decorate the front entranceway. The pointed roof of the chateau provides an intimidating appearance that is reminiscent of Gothic architecture. Terrace balconies can be found on both of the upper storeys of the palace, which has a total of three stories.


The most impressive aspect of Manoir Colimacon is undoubtedly the opulent staircase. This peculiar stairwell serves the purpose of connecting all of the levels on the south side of the estate. Blocky concrete columns make up this helical staircase’s support structure. The tiles are little squares of white porcelain that are decorated in various ways. It appears to be completely out of step with the rest of the house, which is saying something.

On the roof was a dusty and sun-damaged plastic dome that allowed light to enter. As a consequence of this, the light that comes from above takes on an orange hue. On the other hand, the light that is able to find its way into the basement through the little windows has a soft bluish hue to it. Because of the difference in colors, the resulting pictures are intriguing and have a lot of atmosphere. Manoir Colimacon is pretty lovely.

The castle is located in a quiet region of northern France, on a road that is tucked away in the woods. It is built in the Art Nouveau style, and it has the appearance of being terrifying. The neighbor who uses the lawn mowers to keep the grass cut short and who also tends to his sheep keeps a constant eye on the castle. He gives the impression of not being a very kind person. If he is successful in catching you, he will immediately call the police and make threats to have your tires punctured if he sees your vehicle.

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