Mesa Verde National Park In Colorado, USA

Mesa Verde, which literally translates to “green table,” provides visitors with a breathtaking glimpse into the daily lives of the Ancient Puebloan people who called this region home for more than seven hundred years. The park today preserves approximately 4,000 known archaeological sites, including 600 cliff dwellings that are among the most renowned and best preserved in the United States. This area was home to a thriving society from the 7th to the 14th century.

Mesa Verde National Park, USA

The park is located high in the thickly wooded plateaux of southwest Colorado, and its southern edge is cut by deep canyons. Because the park is located so far off the main path, it was not fully explored until the year 1888. It is believed that the region was only ever inhabited by the highly talented Ancient Puebloans. Other people may have passed through the area at some point in history. After living on the tops of the mesas for a number of millennia, they eventually went to the rocky alcoves that were situated on the rims of the canyons and built multi-story homes there.

The Cliff Palace is without a doubt the most impressive of the ruins, although the Balcony House and the Long House and the Spruce Tree House are also noteworthy. This remarkable structure is hidden 100 feet below an overhanging rock ledge, and the building’s 217 chambers formerly provided shelter for more than 200 people. A trip to this location will present you with a frightening evocation of a world that is no longer known to you.

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