Kell House Museum Ghost Hunt, Wichita Falls TX

Join Haunted Rooms America for an exciting night of ghost hunting at one of Wichita Falls, Texas’s most haunted places!

Come with us on a genuine paranormal investigation of this 100-year-old home, and with our equipment and our experts’ direction, you’ll have the highest opportunity of having a personal encounter with the other side.

The residence of Frank Kell, one of the two primary entrepreneurs responsible for the early growth of Wichita Falls, Texas, along with his brother-in-law Joseph A. Kemp.

Legend has it that the statue of Flora Kemp (the daughter of Joseph Kemp) at Riverside Cemetery is the most often discussed ghost sighting in all of Wichita Falls.

The statue of Flora at Riverside Cemetery is affectionately referred to as “The Crying Bride” because to the urban legend that it sometimes weeps. The story is that Flora Kemp broke her neck on her wedding day while walking down the spiral staircase at Kell House, which is why the statue weeps. Although the neoclassical Kell House was completed in 1909, some sources claim that Kemp died of typhoid the next year.

Maybe we can put an end to this urban legend once and for all by determining whether or not Flora’s ghost is returning to her memorial and whether or not she is one of the numerous ghosts said to inhabit Kell House.

Unexplained Experiences

Volunteers have reported hearing doors open and close, footsteps, and voices in other rooms; small items have been moved overnight or, in one instance, between one tour and the next on the same day; and lights have turned on when no one is in the house, all classic ghost story tropes.

While the Kell family still held the home, it was the site of five funerals and the deaths of both Mrs. Kell and her daughter, Willie May.

During our last inquiry, we recorded what sounds like Mr. Kell or Joseph Kell stating, “mama signs a song” on EVP. Both of their moms were residents there.


A crash course in paranormal research (to familiarise you with the tools and methods you’ll be utilising that night).

The Haunted Rooms America crew spends the night on the quest for ghosts.

You have free reign on this old structure.

Make use of our tools, which include, but are not limited to, dowsing rods, voice recorders, trigger items, and electromagnetic field (EMF) metres.

All night long, there will be free food and drink.

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