Jekyll Island Amphitheater

The ruins of an open-air theater built on this Georgia island in the 1970s. 

Built in the early 1970s, this 1,700-seat amphitheater provided Jekyll Island’s theater and music community with an additional venue. The amphitheater, which was once the center of the island’s culture, hasn’t been used since 2004, but the bleachers and stage are still in place.

Broadway touring companies were among the musicals and musical performances that the amphitheater presented between 1973 and 2004. The enormous outdoor performance venue was largely abandoned after the theatrical program was discontinued due to funding constraints. Though plans are still unknown, there have been discussions in recent years about revamping the performance space.

Know Before You Go

Turn right on the dirt road immediately past the firehouse while traveling north on Stable Road. Continue to the right to locate a green archway. It’s a quick hike from there to the pond and amphitheater. You can turn left or right to get there when you reach the fork in the hill.

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