Inside a hauntingly mysterious scientific history within an abandoned 1920s colonial estate

A home thought to have been used for animal experimentation that was abandoned for more than 60 years was found by an urban explorer.

The 9,000 square foot colonial structure was constructed in the 1920s and has been empty for decades, yet it is still in perfect shape. According to explorer Dave, also known as Freaktography, who rediscovered it, it was formerly a research farm.

He continued by saying that the proprietors tested and bred birds to produce more delicate meat and cows to provide milk with a distinct flavor. However, the farm in Ontario, Canada started to lose value in the 1950s, so the owner’s son decided to sell it to investors.

The 1920s mansion was used as a scientific farm

A beautiful vintage fridge/freezer was hidden behind a wooden cabinet labeled L Barth and Son in a video that Dave took. Similar units are sold for more than £20,000. Dave discovered that the main living room had a plenty of natural light and was empty save for an antique photograph of a guy wearing a suit that was placed over the fireplace. The whole second story is made up of ten bedrooms, while the third floor has additional sleeping quarters with multiple rooms off the attic.

The house has been abandoned for more than six decades

“It’s a big gorgeous, very old abandoned mansion; this place was massive, with so many rooms,” said Dave, an Ontario native. I had never seen so many exquisite bathrooms, yet it was very lovely. The natural light was fantastic because there were so many windows. The attic has a number of interesting chambers with large windows and little storage doors.”

The bathroom needs a little work perhaps
The staircase inside the 1920s building

Dave carried on his investigation and reached the bottom level, where he found spacious kitchens, a patio, a pergola, and a sun room in addition to a massive entry hall. The site was reportedly purchased by locals and business owners in 2020 for £2.4 million (CAD $4 million). However, there are currently rumors that local developers are hoping to purchase the land for £361 million (CAD $600 million).

The loft of the building

Dave stated: “There has been zero activity anywhere on this site as of 2023. This mansion appears to have undergone some repair and remodeling work at one point, but it appears that work has since halted. From what I could see inside, it appears like not much has been done to preserve or maintain this big, abandoned estate. A large dumpster is filled with rubbish and probably inside goods.

Regarding his YouTube video, a visitor said, “That is a top 5 mansion I have seen on YouTube.” That antique mansion’s layout and architecture are extremely beautiful. Someone needs to renovate that lovely house.

The building hides many secrets, says the explorer

“How annoying that they just let this beautiful home alone?” Charlie said. I hope they can reconstruct it or something. We appreciate you showing us. “Absolutely gorgeous, I love this mansion so much,” Gwen continued. I hope I could purchase it and bring it back to its previous splendor since the lighting is incredible. Long ago, it must have been really lovely.

Mary commented, “What a neat place. enormous. I’m hoping we can salvage this house. The bathrooms are wonderful, too. It’s cool with the windows. That staircase is fantastic. “What a beauty, I’d never want to leave,” said a second individual. Fantastic video and discovery. I’m grateful; keep yourself secure.

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