I Can’t Believe They Demolished this Unique Abandoned House!!

The Santa Fe Mansion Property

This deserted mansion in the Santa Fe style was constructed in 1969 and has two stories.

With the passing of the owners, the mansion was put up for sale and was sold for little under $6,000,000. After being abandoned for a while, the house was eventually stripped down to its bare studs and completely gutted. It’s possible that this was done after the owner of the building had their request for a demolition permission denied initially. Since that time, fresh applications for the demolition and construction of buildings have been made and accepted. After that, the mansion was razed to the ground around a year later.

The house has been put up for sale once more, this time with prices ranging from $8 million to $23 million, but it has not yet sold. When the property was placed for sale at a price of $23,000,000, this price would have been for the recently built gigantic home that has been created specifically for the site.

The current building permit authorizes the construction of a house that is 17,000 square feet in size and has 9 bathrooms, 5 bedrooms, an elevator, a home theater, a sport court, a pool, and a variety of other features and facilities.

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