Here Are 23 Of The Most Beautiful Abandoned Places That I Found Around The World

My name is Dimitri “Jahz Design,” and I’m a French artist. I received my diploma as a graphic designer. I’ve always been fascinated by history and architectural ruins. It was in 2013 that I became interested in photographing heritage in neglect. My first foray was inside an old cemetery of military ships.

I traverse the world seeking for locations that are in decline. Today, I’d want to share with you some of the most stunning abandoned spots on the planet.

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Greenhouse, France

I am self-taught; I learned photography on my own while attempting to develop my photographic style as much as possible. Depending on the retouching, an image can be edited in 30 minutes to 3 hours. I try to copy as much of what my eyes witnessed on the spot as possible.

Abandoned Villa, Portugal

Greenhouse, France

The construction of a picture can take a long time; I occasionally return to my work many days later. People like discovering new areas, even if they are relatively near to home and are unaware of them. The most intriguing aspect is studying locations and not knowing whether or not there is still something fascinating there.

Soviet Space Shuttles, Kazakhstan

Chapel, France

I wanted to photograph abandoned sites so that I could keep track of them all before they vanished. In Nantes, France, I began photographing an ancient abandoned orphanage. Having said that, before becoming a photographer, I began by painting, which taught me how to construct an image.

Villa, Portugal

Military Ship, France

What inspires me the most is the discovery of larger and larger locales that photographers have yet to uncover. In my photographic discipline, curiosity is everything.

Theater, Italy

Buzludzha, Bulgaria

Soviet Sanatorium, Georgia

Villa, Italy

Soviet Sanatorium, Georgia

Asylum, Italy

Statue Of Stalin, Georgia

Theater, Morocco

Castle, France

Cooling Tower, Belgium

Crypt, Portugal

Abandoned Rocket

Airplane, France

Parable, France

Soviet Sanatorium, Georgia

Nato Base, Italy

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