Ghosts roaming Beaulieu Abbey, Hampshire, England.

Beaulieu Abbey, situated in the picturesque village of Beaulieu in Hampshire, England, is known for its rich history and breathtaking architecture. However, it is also famous for its supernatural occurrences and ghostly sightings. In this article, we will explore the history of Beaulieu Abbey, the ghosts that are said to roam its grounds, and the stories behind these spooky encounters.

Beaulieu Abbey, also known as the Abbey of Our Lady of Beaulieu, was founded in 1204 by King John of England. The abbey was home to the Cistercian Order of Monks, who lived a simple life of manual labor and prayer. The abbey was dissolved in 1538 during the reign of King Henry VIII, and the monks were forced to leave. Today, the ruins of the abbey are open to the public, and visitors can explore the beautiful gardens and learn about the history of the abbey.

The History of Beaulieu Abbey

Beaulieu Abbey has a rich and fascinating history. Founded in 1204, the abbey was home to the Cistercian Order of Monks, who were known for their devotion to manual labor and their simple way of life. The monks lived in isolation from the rest of society, dedicating their lives to prayer and contemplation. The abbey grew in wealth and influence over the years, and by the 14th century, it was one of the wealthiest and most powerful monasteries in England.

In 1538, during the reign of King Henry VIII, the abbey was dissolved as part of the English Reformation. The monks were forced to leave, and the abbey fell into disrepair. Over the years, the ruins of the abbey were used as a source of building materials, and many of the stones were taken to build nearby homes and buildings.

In the 19th century, the ruins of Beaulieu Abbey were rediscovered, and efforts were made to preserve them. Today, the abbey is a popular tourist attraction, and visitors can explore the ruins and learn about the history of this fascinating site.

The Grey Lady

The Grey Lady is perhaps the most famous ghost of Beaulieu Abbey. She is said to be the spirit of a nun who died at the abbey in the 16th century. According to legend, the nun fell in love with a monk and was forced to leave the abbey. Heartbroken, she returned to the abbey and died of a broken heart. Her spirit is said to wander the halls of the abbey

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