Creepy ABANDONED Mansion Which It’s Family Isn’t Allowed Inside

The devoted husband and wife team of Marcel and Petra called this palatial residence their home. Marcel was originally from the city of Zurich in Switzerland, which is also where he spent his childhood. Later in life, he took over the production of zinc for the family firm, which was a highly successful corporation that was based in China.

Aside from his work, Marcel’s two primary interests in life were his family and the preservation of old buildings. He took great pride in both of these endeavors. In point of fact, he made the decision to fulfill his lifelong dream of moving out of the city and into the tranquil countryside of France when he reached the age of 50. However, he did so on the condition that he locate a historical manor that was in dire need of renovation so that he could restore it to the glory that it had once held. That is exactly what he did.

He discovered a mansion from the 17th century located upon a hill just on the borders of a tranquil French village, and he made a masterpiece out of the bear bones that the mansion had become for many years. Following the conclusion of the task, he relocated to a new location with his family, and this marked the beginning of the subsequent chapter in his life.

Marcel and Petra spent out their years at the house until 2010, when Petra was stricken with cancer and passed away the following year. Finally, all of his children grew up and moved away to different parts of the world, and so Marcel and Petra were left alone in the house. Marcel, who was also struggling with his own health issues, was eventually rendered unable to walk and could hardly take care of himself.

The death of Marcel’s devoted wife was ultimately too much for him to bear. Because of his age-related health problems, he was unable to move and could hardly take care of himself. He had a hard enough time dealing with the loneliness that tormented him without having to contend with his own health problems.
These had turned into horrible reminders of the love, joy, and life that had been present in this location in the past but are no longer there as a result of the passage of time, which was circumscribed by the walls that he had constructed for his family.
In 2013, not long after the passing of his wife, Marcel passed away alone in the home they shared. The only thing anyone can do is conjecture that he killed himself out of grief.

Unfortunately, despite the fact that his children were supposed to receive the land, they have been locked in a legal struggle with each other for about a decade now, and they have not been able to come to a consensus regarding how the estate should be divided. However, the once magnificent artwork that their father had made is now sitting entirely abandoned and deteriorating with each passing year.

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