On 1.44 acres, there is a school for sale. A fantastic opportunity to purchase your own school home along with so much more! This property would make an excellent home investment. The initial construction was the Ogelsby School House, which was built in 1938. An extra gym was constructed, as well as classrooms on the east end, which could be converted into extremely big bedrooms. This land was most recently home to the Ogelsby Christian Center.

  • 3 bed
  • 2.5+ bath
  • 14,500 sqft
  • 1.44 acre lot

About This Circa 1940 Oklahoma School For Sale on 1.44 Acres Under $80K

The historic schoolhouse has been converted into a spacious kitchen and eating space. You next proceed to a stage with office space, two restrooms with showers, and the Gym. On the other side of the Gym, you enter a corridor containing many classrooms, a sanctuary, and two restrooms, each with two sinks and three toilet stalls. This property may easily be transformed to a more residential usage; there are several alternatives here. There are four central heat/air package units. There are two septic systems.

If interested in a property, please contact the realtor whose link is provided in the post below, or contact an agent of your own choosing. Independent verification of details and status is recommended.

26962 N 4013 Rd, Ramona, OK 74061     $79,900

After a severe storm, the metal roof was replaced ten years ago. The ceiling tiles on the east end of the structure, in particular, require replacement and cleaning. Gymnasium has a new ceiling. Rural water district number two. The property is in Ogelsby but has a Ramona address. Caney Valley School District is located in Ramona. The property is being sold “as-is,” with practically all of the items remaining.

The school structure includes two classrooms and a gymnasium/auditorium connected. It is a rectangle (74′ x 113′) building made of rusticated, cut, and uncut auburn and buff local stone. The flat roof with parapets on the school building, while the stepped parapet roof on the gymnasium/auditorium. The entrance is set back behind art deco pillars. Brick chimney stacks protrude from the roof. Pilaster stripes at each window distinguish this structure’s construction. On the east and south sides of the building, there is a concrete extension. Wood has been used to repair gaps in windows, and smaller, more energy-efficient windows have been installed. The modifications jeopardize the building’s architectural integrity.

The building is important because of its high level of craftsmanship. It is also one-of-a-kind in terms of type, style, scale, and materials employed. The construction of this tower offered many people educational chances, as well as the option for the jobless to work during a time when such opportunities were limited. The jobs created by the construction of this tower contributed to the pride of men who were able to provide for their hungry families.

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