Beautiful abandoned mansions for sale right now

Marvellous neglected mansions

Mansions are built to amaze and excite, and while some are inhabited and cherished for generations, others are abandoned to the sands of time. These deserted mansions for sale range from expansive antique homes to magnificent new estates that were never fully finished. They make the perfect fixer-uppers. See inside the most opulent abandoned houses now for sale by clicking or scrolling below.

Federal-style home, Kentucky, USA: £78,400 ($99.9k)

Columbia, Kentucky is home to this stunning federal-style mansion that is up for sale for an unbelievable cheap price. The fixer-upper is large and full of charming historic details, and it offers countless possibilities.

Federal-style home, Kentucky, USA: £78,400 ($99.9k)

Known as the Field House, the house was established in 1812 and is rumored to have ties to renowned American writer Mark Twain, though the listing provides no other details. Entering via the entrance door will take you into a spacious area that is 4,480 square feet and full of light. A large hallway with a striking staircase, walnut hardwood floors, vintage light fixtures, and amazing vintage wallpaper.

Federal-style home, Kentucky, USA: £78,400 ($99.9k)

There are two parlor rooms on either side of the hall, which are great for lounging with a book or entertaining visitors. In addition, there are two bathrooms, three bedrooms, and a dining area. Historic features including hardwood flooring, antique fireplaces, sash windows, and built-ins can be found in every single room. But judging by the condition of the ceiling and walls in this formerly divided space, some remodeling work will be required to breathe new life into the property.

Federal-style home, Kentucky, USA: £78,400 ($99.9k)

A half finished attic that may be used as a master suite is also mentioned in the listing. But the house needs maintenance, inside and out, and it looks like updating the electrical and plumbing systems to suit modern codes will be necessary. This stunning, reasonably priced historic home is up for sale with RE/MAX Highland Realty for just £78,400 ($99.9k), if you’re feeling ambitious.

Old West End home, Ohio, USA: £133,300 ($170k)

This amazing historic mansion in Toledo, Ohio, may be yours if you have a little more money to spend. The property, which has an abundance of curb appeal and seemingly unlimited internal room, is described as a “Old West End home” by the listing agents, Wiens & Roth Real Estate.

Old West End home, Ohio, USA: £133,300 ($170k)

Constructed in 1902, the Victorian home boasts three levels and about 5,000 square feet of interior space. The property features an elegant timber staircase, an abundance of light-filled entry hall, many reception rooms for entertaining and unwinding, a kitchen, a library, six bedrooms, and three bathrooms.

17th-century country house, Dordogne, France: £375,500 ($479k)

The ground floor features an enclosed courtyard, a cloakroom, an expansive lobby area, a living room, and a kitchen. The upper level comprises three spacious bedrooms with ample natural light and strip parquet flooring, together with a bathroom and a walk-in wardrobe. The attic, which occupies more than 1,000 square feet on the top floor, has the potential to be a magnificent master suite.

17th-century country house, Dordogne, France: £375,500 ($479k)

There’s a quarter-acre yard out back, complete with a covered eating patio and a garage that’s ready for conversion so you can eat outside all year round. There’s lots of room for growth, but you’ll probably want to spend all of your time outside given the gorgeous scenery that’s right outside your front door.

Historic castle, Pays de la Loire, France: £452,000 ($577k)

The house’s three cellars, the former pavilion, the bakery with its two bread ovens, and the stable building with its fodder loft and striated stone floor are among its other notable features. The formal gardens, meadows, and pastures on the 12-acre property provide unhindered vistas. There’s also a historic farmhouse and a chapel dating back to the fifteenth century, both of which are awaiting restoration or conversion into more living areas. It sounds even better asking now, doesn’t it?

0-acre homestead, Massachusetts, USA: £549,000 ($700k)

This 60-acre homestead in Franklin County, Massachusetts, offers excellent value for the money at around £549,000 ($700k). You’ll get two houses and a barn for your money, along with what seems like a limitless amount of land that is just ready to be used.

15th-century castle, Corrèze, France: £589,000 ($751k)

Still, not all of the buildings included in the £589,000 ($751k) or €690,000 asking price are the castle. Numerous outbuildings will also be acquired by the buyer. Among them is a tall farm structure that has a cowshed, stables, and a garage. There’s a hayloft that could be converted into a cool barn and is supported by exquisite stone columns. Explore the boundless English-style landscaped landscapes that beckon.

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