Abandoned Mansion in North Carolina

It’s difficult to overlook such a treasure in a little town! In many ways, the mansion’s preservation may be attributed to its location. If it had been in the countryside, for example, looters and vandals would have destroyed it far sooner.

Nevertheless, because everything here is in such fantastic condition, I won’t be able to forgive myself if I don’t investigate this intriguing location.

The roof received the most damage, as predicted. As a result, the remainder of the home is gradually collapsing: the staircase is buckling, and the floor on the top level is soft or missing in spots. “Being in a situation like this is incredibly risky!” I want to warn other interested explorers like myself.

The rooms in the house are large. To be honest, you seldom see such a gorgeous light lobby; for a little moment, I envied the previous owners of the property.

Separately, I’d like to draw attention to the mirror-adorned fireplaces. This appears to be a pretty fascinating idea, a message to current interior designers!

The window frames are in good condition, and it is clear that they were crafted of high-quality wood.
The doors of this house are truly works of beauty. A huge wooden transom gives them a distinctive appearance that draws the eye right away.

I was taken aback to find the abandoned supply jars. Why was all of the furniture removed yet they stayed in place?

Probably I overlooked a lot because I had to shoot photos rapidly. If only there was more time to spend in such a setting.

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