Abandoned Kentucky Gilded Age Castle Finds Buyer

On May 22, 2020, an abandoned castle located in Harrodsburg, Kentucky, which had been on and off the market for a number of years prior to ultimately falling into foreclosure procedures, reportedly sold for the price of $78,101, according to Realtor.com. Midway through the month of April, the home was initially advertised for $49,500, and it became pending in less than a week after that.

The initial message that we posted on our Facebook page:

“At 712 W. LEXINGTON ROAD, Harrodsburg, Kentucky, Foreclosure, this property features 10,500 square feet of living space, 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and 2.96 acres of land.

$49,500. The price is accurate, that’s for sure. Constructed in 1890!

Taken from the website of Bluegrass Team Realty: Colonel Daniel Lawson Moore commissioned the construction of the grand Romanesque Revival house at Mooreland, an estate that is located at the east city limits of Harrodsburg, Kentucky. The house was intended for Colonel Moore’s second wife, Miss Minnie Ball of Woodford County, whom he married in 1891.

The house is the most impressive example of Romanesque Revival architecture in Central Kentucky, as well as the largest and most luxurious one in all of Mercer County. It was constructed over the course of five years. It is not known who the architect was. The residence’s level of architectural excellence is comparable to that of the Theophilus Conrad house on St. James Court in Louisville, which was constructed in the middle of the 1890s and was designed by the architects C.J. Clark and Arthur Loomis. This home is widely regarded as the most impressive example of its kind in Louisville.

Limestone and brick are used in the construction of the mansion at Mooreland, with the front of the house being made entirely of stone. Every single block is meticulously tooled, either with ribbing or bush-hammering, and then it is set with pink mortar. A veranda with huge semicircular arches is carried on short round pillars of polished granite that are topped with intricately carved limestone capitals. This feature may be found on the facade. The veranda is shaped like an octagon at either end, with a tower that is four stories tall and crowned by an entablature and parapet at the end of the veranda that is on the south side.

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Have a look at these pictures of the house in its current state, as well as pictures of the house when it was being lived in towards the end of the gallery.

Will you kindly share? Let’s breathe new life into this old fortress, shall we?”

Before the bank divided the property into two separate lots of 2.96 acres each to be sold with the main house, the home had been listed for sale in the previous decade for a price greater than one million dollars and contained more than forty acres.

The state of the home when it was listed for sale:

Condition of House in around 2010:

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